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Sunday, December 8, 2013


This will be short - "income inequality" is not a cause, but an effect! "Income inequality" is the result of poor preparation on the part of certain individuals. Those who struggle at the bottom of the income ladder, are those who failed to take advantage of educational and/or technical training opportunities. They are the unmotivated - the high school dropouts, the indolent, and those who chose to allow themselves to become dependent upon the government for their support.

They are those who, by their own inaction, have failed to properly prepare themselves for success in the labor market. These people cannot compete for higher paying jobs. They will never become a Chief Executive Officer of anything requiring greater management skills than a yard service. They do not create jobs for more than a very few others (lawnmower pushers), because they lack the organizational skills to build a successful large-scale company.

There's a saying that states, coined by the United Negro College Fund in 1972 (prior the the elevation of Negroes to "African-Americans"), "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." The accuracy of that statement cannot reasonably be challenged. Along those same lines, Alexander Pope penned this timeless prose in 1709:
"A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again."

In Greek Mythology, the Pierian Spring of Macedonia was sacred to the Muses.The spring was believed to be a fountain of knowledge that inspires whosoever drinks from it.

To me, Pope's message is a warning that those who learn "just enough" will convince themselves that they have mastered the subject or skill, and become "puffed up" about their knowledge. Whereas those who have mastered the subject/skill, know that which they know. They also know that there may yet be even more to learn, and continue to expand their knowledge, thereby producing  improvements their field(s) of endeavor.

Those who know little - and do little - deserve little! Simply being present upon this planet is not sufficient justification for great rewards... or ANY rewards. We must apply ourselves and produce - either independently, or for an employer - before we may reap the benefits of our labors.

Obama's "pipe dream" (originally an allusion to the dreams experienced by smokers of opium pipes) to create income equality lacks viability... unless the goal is the total destruction of the American economy. Requiring others to contribute from their earnings, so that those who choose to retain their energies may profit from doing nothing, is both a morally and logically corrupt concept.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Statement Was Made Online, "Republicans just can't resist the temptation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"

That statement - declaring that Republicans just can't resist the temptation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - may be true. It is my considered opinion that the GOP capitulates so quickly because they have no faith in their supporting voter base, who - in turn - acquire even less faith in the GOP.

This "lack of faith" I just mentioned, manifests itself in the form of what I see as a "symbiotic political mobius strip", with two components - the RNC and the conservative voters - at opposite ends of the mobius strip. As one impacts upon the other it comes to rest, the impacted component moves around the strip to the other end, where it gains momentum coming out of the curve - and the process repeats... as does the theoretical concept of "perpetual motion". The GOP sees a dissipation of support among their base, so they try to replace some of the lost conservative voters by portraying an image of "we are all things to all people", thereby driving more conservative voters away from the GOP support base, and into an attitude of apathy for the GOP. And the process repeats over and over.

Why? Because the RNC is too far out of touch with their "base" to recognize that when the GOP collapses under the slightest pressure from the left, they obscure their own identity as the "loyal opposition" and become collaborators. The majority of the numbers in the GOP voter base is NOT with the big money donors, but with the people. Those who vote "R" at the booth because they DO NOT want socialism running rampant within the confines of our once-great nation. Why would anybody vote for a party composed primarily of collaborators?

I can see where - in the not too distant future - a viable 3rd Party could arise from the ashes left by disaffected GOP conservatives. In order to be a successful challenger, they will need a NATIONAL NAME - one with positive recognition (not a name like Al 'remember Tawana Brawley' Sharpton)! Our so-called "Two-Party system" has become more of a "one-party-with-a-slightly-out-of-focus-reflection-in-the-mirror system". We need to be able to clearly distinguish between political parties, because without any distinctions why even bother to vote? And THAT'S another contributing factor to conservative voter apathy, but... unfortunately, the liberal Demonrats (the vast majority of whom actually cast their VOTES) see it as proof that their way is the right way - because they win elections!

Remember WHO did WHAT to us when the Senate mid-term elections come in November 2014, and especially which Party forced us to accept a incomprehensibly expensive, and inefficient alternative to our usual health care. Tell your family, friends and neighbors, that the road back to success for our Constitutional Republic is dependent upon conservative fiscal and social values.!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Question Was Raised Online...

"WHY  does Obama seem to be purging our military of command-level officers?" It's a fairly long story, so please bear with me. The short answer is,

"The 'reasons' behind the firings of high-ranking military officers has been discussed elsewhere several times, and it seems to boil down to how they answer one critical question - "Will you order your soldiers to fire upon American civilians if so directed?" (or words to that effect). The career-ending answer is 'NO'."

Career military officers, who have managed to kiss their way up the gluteus maximus ladder, know the "correct answer". But, some have the strength of character to honor the Oath of Allegiance they swore, and answer truthfully. They are then removed from their command position. I would guess that many of the others - those who gave the correct response - are HOPING that they will never be called upon to issue such orders, and are simply "hedging their career bet".

Those of us who have reached the age of majority, in general know that POLITICIANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED! If their lips are moving, 99% of that which emanates from their mouths should be spread upon our nation's crops. When questioned, they will "duck and weave" in order to avoid giving a straight answer that they may be asked to account for at a future date. When they have fooled enough people to get elected, they will then do as they damn-well please!

There are rare exceptions to that rule - junior Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did exactly as they said they would, and they are catching some blow-back from their Republican "colleagues"... colleagues who declined to support their efforts. So much for "teamwork" and the "united front"! Did they forget that, "If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand."? This is WHY the Republican party is falling into disfavor with the people - the internal bickering, and lack of party conviction on issues - convictions that SHOULD differentiate the GOP from the Demonrats! If one party is nothing more than a pale reflection of the other, how can We the People be expected to distinguish between the two - and if we cannot distinguish between them WHY should we vote for one party's candidates over the other party?

The GOP has LOST it's unique identity, thanks to the RINOs, and the weak among them - who FEAR the wrath of Obama! It is when the lines between "opposing" party's become blurred that people begin wondering about things like "puppet masters", and "shadow governments", and "Who is REALLY controlling our government"?

Who is it that is SO POWERFUL that they can essentially control the world? There are probably thousands of "conspiracy theories" our here in cyberspace about the NWO, the One World Government, and WHO controls WHAT. And, there MAY be some small truth in each of them, but separating that miniscule truth from the overwhelming speculation and BS, and then matching-up the pieces of the puzzle correctly, is a challenge that most people would not undertake - myself included.

Universal, ABSOLUTE truths are known only by those who CREATE them, whether man or deity. We humans are forced to function and believe within the boundaries of our "individual truths", which are generally "hit-and-miss" propositions. Sadly, these personal "truths" are what we must rely upon when we go to the ballot box. Some of us have been "fooled twice - shame on you". Politics is NOT a self-correcting business. We must purge our congress of those who do not demonstrate that they have the best interests of our Republic at heart. Lt Col Allen West understands this better than most. He has been exposed to the politics of war, and he has been a functioning part of our elected government. Why only one term in the House? Because he failed to sing the "company song"! Allen West WOULD NOT "go along to get along" - he ASKED the hard questions, and he would NOT ACCEPT the misleading answers!

If the GOP is to survive it NEEDS more people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Allen West! Americans who couldn't care less about what others think of them, because they care more about that which affects the continuation of our Constitutional Republic... as it was intended to be by the Founding Fathers!

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Saw an Article Online That Asserted Our President is a Sociopath and a Liar!

A lying politician... how unsurprising! Anybody who doesn't understand that all politicians are liars, shouldn't be allowed to vote. Who we vote for is dependent upon who tells the greatest number of believable lies that are in concert with our personal desires. Obama didn't elect himself, and apparently the majority of American voters (including illegals, cartoon characters and deceased persons) wanted to see our country destroyed, so they voted for an inexperienced, incompetent, non-vetted, America-hating Socialist to be our "president".

Obama's personal short-sightedness and absence of leadership skills, combined with his narcissistic personality, is responsible for our financial ruination at both the governmental and personal levels. The dollars you have in your possession today are worth less than the dollars you had last week. And, raising the debt ceiling makes about as much sense as VISA or MasterCard issuing you another credit card because you maxed-out your other one, and can't afford to pay it off!

To make matters worse, we have a Senate that is controlled by other Socialists who support every idiotic notion that Obama belches at them. The only part of the "Affordable Care Act" that is missing is the AFFORDABLE part of it - that, and the participation of ANY of the members of Congress, the White House, the anointed unions, and the corporate donors of huge sums of money to the UNENDING Obama Campaign Fund (even though he can't run for POTUS again). They have taken a "let them eat cake" attitude toward the rest of us.

Politicians are liars and thieves, which is why Social Security is "in trouble". Beginning in 1935, Americans who are employed have invested in Social Security all their working lives, while Congress has used what initially was a "protected fund", as if it were their own personal Slush Fund since about 1938 - THAT'S why Social Security is "in trouble"! Our government essentially STOLE the money (with which We the People had entrusted them) under color of law! We apparently have some sociopaths in the House and Senate,  as well as the White House, and only a handful of Senators have the guts to tell them, "No, we cannot do that - it is not in our country's best interests!" Meanwhile, the Demonrats present a united front against the internally embattled RINO party (which is so busy hoisting one another on their own petard that they present no semblance of a cohesive organization), and they get everything they demand.

Where are the fiscal and social CONSERVATIVES... those who understand that we cannot remain on the course set by the Obama Administration and it's minions in Congress, without being swept over the Socialist Falls or dashed to pieces upon the Great Communist Reef? Where are those who are willing to take the heat from having loudly proclaimed, "IF OUR REPUBLIC IS TO SURVIVE, WE MUST PUT THE NEEDS OF OUR COUNTRY AND IT'S PEOPLE ABOVE ANY AND ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS!"?  From what I have seen, they are junior Senators in Texas and Utah - who stood up for America with damned little support from their more senior colleagues.

Friday, October 11, 2013


The Republican party is slowly vanishing. Not because of a lack of presence, but because of a lack of a well-defined, party-wide identity, resulting in a condition that I call "Political Camouflage".

We the People cannot be expected to support that which we cannot identify. If the STOP sign at an intersection is obscured by trees, drivers cannot logically be expected to stop. Now, compare that STOP sign to both (viable) political parties. Let's look at the House of Representatives as that intersection - the Democrats are the fixed sign that is clearly visible, and the Republicans have a chameleon-like camouflage that allows them to adapt to the Democrats agenda. If the Republicans are indistinguishable from the "Demonrats", where is party number two of the "Two Party System"?

The Republican party (as a group) has strayed much too far from it's conservative roots. It's almost as if they found fiscal and social conservatism to be an embarrassment. An embarrassment so great as to cause them to misguidedly abandon their constituency, apparently thinking they could garner more support from the Demonrats voter base by becoming more like them. The Democrats are (in the main) liberal, Socialist-"progressive", Communist emulators, desiring nothing more than to destroy our Republic, and remake it in the image of Vladimir Lenin's "Soviet Union". As the loyal opposition, the job of the Republicans is to guard the Republic from such destruction! How does one protect something by joining those who attack that thing, or retreating when challenged? The RINOs either lack the courage to stand firm on their convictions, or they lack any convictions whatsoever! The RINOs are a disgrace to the Republican party, and are generally responsible for the loss of party identity and trust in their party.

The Demonrats are the party of choice for the indolent. Those who will not work, love the Giveaway Party. Those who believe that, simply for their presence on this Earth, they are owed something by those of us who do work and pay taxes love the Giveaway Party. The Demonrats are the party of irresponsibility! They want to give people everything they want, as if the government had a source of income independent of the citizen's taxes!  WHICH THEY DON'T!

The Chinese government loves the Demonrat party, because the Demonrats love to spend, spend, spend, and borrow, borrow, borrow. How do the Demonrats compensate for their draining of the Treasury's coffers? By printing more "fiat currency" - money with absolutely nothing behind it except the demands of the government. They apparently don't understand that every fiat dollar printed reduces the value of every dollar We the People have in our wallets and bank accounts! The U.S. dollar has been the "Global Reserve Currency" (the medium of exchange used in international trade) since WWII. There is some degree of international prestige attached to that status, which is now "up for grabs", with the Chinese Yuan as the frontrunner. The Chinese government is therefore more than happy to supply the U.S. Congress more shovels (loans) with which to dig our own economic grave.

The Demonrats are fighting hard to get unlimited amnesty granted to illegal aliens, in the hope that 90+ percent of the 11,000,000-18,000,000 will - out of a sense of gratitude - vote Demonrat for the next several generations. Even in the face of unprecedented citizen unemployment, the Republican party is not presenting a totally committed and united front against such misguided altruism. The Republican's  reluctance to stand united reminds me of President Lincoln's "House Divided" speech - "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Although the speech was in reference to the issue of slavery, it holds true for ANY organization. And the Biblical reference - Matthew 12:25, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand."

The survival of our nation is now dependent upon a single, workable plan - a plan that benefits the United States of America - without regard for benefit to either "party". The Congress needs to adopt the mindset of COUNTRY FIRST! Those who ostensibly "represent the will of the people", need to be responsive to that will. Those who are not responsive must be replaced. The recent recalls of both Senators from Colorado is proof that we can be heard... but we cannot be heard if we fail to speak!
Silence has no place in politics - it is interpreted by those who represent us as affirmation.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


UNCONSCIONABLE! Denial of death benefits to the survivors of those who have lost their lives as the result of direction, is simply UNCONSCIONABLE - at least to those who have a conscience!

Obama's Socialist bent is what drives him to do everything he can to anger the American people. His hatred of America and all things American, is what pushes him toward the destruction of our economy and our medical care system. However, the blame is not entirely his, it must be shared by the Congress that gives The Great Usurper almost anything he wants, and those ignorant liberal voters who were seduced by his charisma. The "checks and balances" between the three "branches" of government are quickly atrophying due to non-use.

The American public KNEW Obama had never held a real job in his life, and that he had only been in the U.S. Senate for 144 days, and that his "voting record" was 99% "present"! Yet (or so it appears) enough of them voted for this charlatan to give him the most powerful office in the land.

You may be wondering, as do I, "What the hell is wrong with Americans?" IMNSHO, it is the general loss of America's work ethic by our the last generation - the "Entitlement Generation" - whose attitude is "Because I am here, the government must GIVE to me everything that others have had to work to acquire."

What is wrong with America, is those selfish, indolent liberals who have spawned 5 and 6 generations of "Welfare as the Family Business" offspring, whose ONLY concern during an election is "How many freebies are the candidates promising me?" The only work they care to do is "work the system".

What is wrong with America is we re-elect - time and time again - people who have done nothing to "represent" our interests! There should be no such creature as a RINO in the House or Senate! Elected "Representatives", who do not represent us, should be eliminated after their first term.

What is wrong with America, is that our Congress and the Supreme Court both fail to rebuke the Chief Executive who circumvents/violates our Constitution at every opportunity. They thereby fail to honor their OWN Oaths of Office, and should be removed by their constituents for not doing the job they were elected to perform. The Congress and the Supreme Court WERE the only protections "We the People" had against the abuses of a tyrannical leader. The actions of the Obama Administration is the result of of them NOT doing their jobs.

Sometime between now and November 8, 2016, I fully expect to see the manipulation of the masses (by the Obama administration) to the point that their anger becomes unmistakable. At that time, Obama will declare martial law, suspend the Constitution and and the election, show his true hatred for our country as the Supreme Leader.

The elitists - both D & R - in Congress need to be replaced. They are NOT doing the critical job (at more than 4X the average annual wage of other Americans) for which they were "hired".
 Impeach Obama - and his 535 Congressional co-conspirators!
P.S.  I just heard on the radio, at 1pm, that somebody apparently pointed out to Obama that his action on this issue had made the natives very restless - and suddenly death benefits are reinstated!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Government Theft of Taxpayer Investment

"A new government study says that federal healthcare and retirement programs threaten to overwhelm the federal budget and harm the economy in coming decades...".

Here's the bottom line on that issue - if the spend-crazy Congress hadn't pillaged our Social Security funds over the last 85 years, and if they hadn't incrementally reduced the cash reserve from 5 years of expected outlay to 6 months of expected outlay, THERE WOULD BE NO "PROBLEM"! (It is a problem, in that the GOVERNMENT created the problem.)

Social Security IS NOT an "entitlement" as most people would see it, although the government defines it as such. It is a governmental FIDUCIARY OBLIGATION to the people who placed money into the program to insure their retirement, and it should be looked at as the original 401K or Keough retirement account.

According to our government, "The most important examples of entitlement programs at the federal level in the United States would include Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, most Veterans' Administration programs, federal employee and military retirement plans, unemployment compensation, food stamps, and agricultural price support programs." Of those nine federal programs only TWO are directly supported by specified deductions from our paychecks: Social Security and Medicare. The remaining seven are supported through unspecified portions of the general income tax. Social Security is a binding CONTRACT between the American people and their government, and it is enforceable by law.

Our money has been INVESTED in those two specific government programs, under the promise that in return, We the People will - at a specified point in time - get money, goods and/or services in return. These are not something-for-nothing programs, as are 'Welfare as the Family Business', food stamps and Medicaid, Those are the true ENTITLEMENT programs, and they should be the first to be cut. As for Medicare, we continue to pay for Medicare even after retirement - it is automatically withdrawn from one's SS check!

Our Social Security funds have been plundered by Congress - with impunity - for far too long!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama's "Red Line" Surpassed... Will He Blow His Engine, or Will Congress Shut Him Down?

President Obama said last year that the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a "red line". It wasn’t one that he rushed to enforce, but that’s what he called it. Yesterday, President Obama made headlines by saying that the red line wasn’t really his, but the whole world’s, and that “Congress’s credibility is on the line” now that he has punted a decision to lawmakers.

The following is my analysis of Obama's situation:  On August 13, Obama declared that, "It is not in the national security interests of the United States to ignore clear violations of the international norm banning the use of chemical weapons."  This statement carries a veiled threat, after which more definitive threats of "cruise missile strikes" against the Syria's Bashar Assad regime.

There is virtually no international support for any direct action against Syria. The UN won't support it, our friends in the UK won't support. (Apparently they recognize a weak, spineless, wannabe dictator when they see one.) Why? Because there is some confusion over who is gassing whom, and because it's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! There's a political concept called a "false flag operation". Say that  person/party/country "A" is engaged in hostilities with  person/party/country "C".  Country "A" takes some (generally considered outrageously aggressive) action against "B". The key to the success of false flag operation is dependent upon country "A" being able to generate convincing evidence that indicates the action was taken by country "C", thereby causing "B" to redirect some of it's efforts towards the new "threat", and reducing the amount of effort "B" can focus upon "A". To simplify the concept, YOU did something bad to the neighbor on your left, and then convinced him that it wasn't you, but the neighbor across the street that did it.

There is the possibility that either Assad's government forces - or the al Queada-backed rebels - could have orchestrated a false flag attack. Until that is determined beyond a shadow of a doubt we should take no action. Once it has been determined... we should still TAKE NO ACTION! It's not of our concern! The countries of the middle east and Africa have been engaged in tribal and secular warfare since the beginning of recorded history. Any action that an outside country may take will result in a temporary lull in the hostilities at best. Why waste the manpower, the time and the expense of fighting a war simply to interrupt their demonstration of, what for them, is historically "normal behavior"?

The bottom line is this - Obama made a threat which he must either act upon or default upon. He has created - FOR HIMSELF - a lose-lose situation. He cannot blame Bush, or the Republicans, or the TEA Party! So what does he do? He tosses that hot-potato to Congress, in the hope that they will withhold their approval! That would give Obama the international face-saving "out" that he so desperately desires - "It's not my fault! Blame the U.S. Congress for not approving my request to attack Syria!" Isn't it odd that THIS is the FIRST time Obama has gone - hat in hand - to Congress asking them to approve anything (without the threat of invoking an Executive Order to do it anyway)?

 “Congress’s credibility is on the line”?? No, it is Obama's credibility that is on the line. He doesn't have much of that to begin with, and any loss will put him in the deficit column for credibility!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Education System Could SUCK Much Less!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of at-risk students could fall through the cracks as the Education Department gives states permission to ignore parts of No Child Left Behind, according to a study education advocates released Tuesday. From an article on "at risk" students "...students who are at the highest risk of dropping out — those from poor families, students whose native language is not English, those with learning disabilities and minority students — are often no longer tracked..."

The responsibility for satisfactorily completing the course of educational instruction is NOT the responsibility of the government, or the school district, or the teacher.

The federal government has no place in public education. Their unwanted participation shifts the goal from "general education" to one of political indoctrination. The system then becomes corrupt, and the end-product is equally corrupt. "Common Core" is an example of a confusing, ineffective collection of time-wasters.

The school district has the responsibility for establishing learning objectives, and providing the materials necessary to achieve those objectives. Textbook selection should be accomplished by a review panel composed of educators and parents. Basic course outlines should be provided by the district, but allow for some flexibility in the method of presentation in the teacher's lesson plan.

The teacher's job is to present the materials in a way that will facilitate the desired learning outcomes for a given course of instruction. There are many truly dedicated teachers in our country, but there is no shortage of those who see teaching as "just a job" (an unmotivated, unenthusiastic teacher will have unmotivated, unenthusiastic students). Those teachers who lack the ability or the desire to inspire their students should either be re-educated in the joys of their subject matter, or replaced by those who ARE inspiring. Students intuitively "know" if a teacher has enthusiasm for the subject matter, or really enjoys teaching. Lackluster presentations, the absence of visual aids, the indifferent attitude when questions are raised are all indicators of indifference - it's "just a job". The basic problem for teachers is to make demonstrating intelligence (the ability to learn) something desirable and popular with the majority of the students. There are students who are natural-born leaders in every class, win them over and successful education follows shortly thereafter.

The responsibility for learning, however, falls squarely upon the shoulders of the students, for one cannot "teach" those who are unwilling (or unable) to learn. Being "a brain" in the public school system is to become a pariah. In a great part, school is about being "popular" for the kids. Peer acceptance is crucial for most grade school children, and by the time they reach middle-school/junior high school their social status has virtually been decided and "carved in stone" by the other students. The basic problem then, is to create a learning environment where demonstrating intelligence (the ability to learn) is something desirable and popular with the majority of the students. Again... if the natural student leader(s) buy it, the educational process WILL be successful within that particular class. The opening lines of Alexander Pope's well-known poem, "A Little Learning" state:
A little learning is a dangerous thing ;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring

This is probably MOST true in Chemistry classes! (The reference to "Pierian spring", is that in ancient Greece, the Pierian Spring of Macedonia was believed to be the metaphorical source of knowledge of art and science - the seat of all learning.

Now we have the question of, "Where does NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND fit into this?" Honestly... IT DOESN'T. The inconvenient truth is, that there are some children who cannot keep up with their peers, and NEED to be left behind for their own educational well-being. No Child Left Behind is simply an attempt to make ALL children feel good, feel successful, and feel all warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately, when they enter the real world workplace, nobody gives a rat's if they feel warm and fuzzy. They aren't going to be PAID to feel warm and fuzzy. Warm Fuzzies should come from their friends and families... for free. No Child Left Behind is WELFARE FOR THE MIND!
Using the Wechsler Scale, the mean average IQ of American high school students is 100 (within a range of 80 [low low average] to 130+ [very superior]). A student with an IQ of 90 or above should have little difficulty satisfying educational course requirements... IF PROPERLY MOTIVATED. A student with an IQ in the 80s will probably have some academic difficulties, and an IQ of below 80 will usually suffer frustration and embarrassment in the mainstream public education system. Permitting a student to progress from grade-to-grade simply for the sake of his/her feeling warm and fuzzy is an injustice of great magnitude. There are those students who are intellectually unprepared to achieve "normal" progression in school. There are also those students who lack sufficient motivation to keep pace with their contemporaries. There are other reasons as well, but they are too many to cover each individually... let's call them socioeconomic reasons.

Students should be promoted or held back based upon their mastery (or lack thereof) of the course materials. A "D" grade average should NOT be sufficient to move ahead, while a straight "A" student may be ready for AP classes early in the school year. If a student has not satisfied the academic requirements of the current grade, advancement to the next grade level is doing him/her a tremendous disservice, and LOWERING THE STANDARDS so everybody can move ahead is an even greater disservice.

Our literacy rate has been dropping for over 10 years now, and continues to do so. American students world rankings: 6th in 4th grade reading, 11th in 4th grade math, 9th in 8th grade math and 10th in 8th grade science. This is appalling! Parents have a responsibility to insure their children are properly prepared to ENTER school, insure their children DO their homework assignments, and to stress to their children to, "Always strive for excellence, in ALL things."
Is THIS  what you want for YOUR CHILD?

Thursday, July 18, 2013


But... here's number three (in-a-row). I don't consider myself a racist, but I do consider myself to be informed. I've been following a website called World Net Daily ( for several years now, because they seem to keep us aware of subjects which the mainstream media apparently wants the general public to remain ignorant. Of course for the last 15 months, the BIG continuing news story has been the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

For those of you who may have been off the planet during that time, here's the story in a nutshell -
Martin, a 17 year old black youth, was walking back from a store inside a gated community in Sanford, Florida. The gated community utilizes the "Neighborhood Watch" style of security, as opposed to the services of a professional security company.

A member of the NW, a man named George Zimmerman, was driving around the area when he spotted Martin walking through the community, up close to the houses. Martin was not known to Zimmerman as a resident thereof, so he observed Martin's progress into the community, and called 911 (there had been 8 burglaries there in the preceding 14 months, and Zimmerman thought that Martin's proximity to the houses was "suspicious"). After speaking with a police dispatcher, Zimmerman thought it prudent to exit his vehicle and follow Martin on foot, even though the dispatcher had said, "We don't need you to do that."(Understand that a dispatcher is not a sworn police officer, and  as such has no authority to do anything but advise, suggest, and recommend to people calling in.)

At some point during the "following", there was a physical confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin, during which Martin was shot and killed. Zimmerman claimed self-defense, the state had weak-to-no facts to support their prosecution for murder or even manslaughter, and he was declared not guilty by "a jury of his peers". Significant portions of the black American community from coast-to-coast and border-to-border were upset by the verdict, and their emotions ran from disappointed to violent, law-breaking outrage (from acts of vandalism, to assaulting "white people", to invading and pillaging a WalMart in Oakland CA). The feeling seemed to be that a black man still can't get "justice" in the southern United States.

Now, back to the subject of  "racial tensions", and how figures into that subject. Recently I have noticed that WND has -  almost daily - reported articles on "The Knockout Game" (where roving gangs of blacks assault random whites for no reason and beat them senseless), other forms of black-on-white violence, black mobs taking over shopping malls, etc. This raised the question in my mind, "Is WND simply reporting that which the mainstream media chooses not to release to the public, or are they actually promoting and surreptitiously supporting and encouraging racial tensions?" The fact that it even raised that question for me, is an indication that WND seems to have an agenda - the problem is determining exactly what that "agenda" is. Is it accurate and honest reportage, or attempting to incite racial separation?

We know that the mainstream media either glosses over - or totally ignores - stories that have a racial undercurrent, using phrases like "Eight Youths Attack Elderly Woman" while ignoring racial identification of the either party. This is (ostensibly) designed to minimize the identification of non-whites and whites, as perpetrator or victim in an attempt to smooth over whatever existing rift may exist between the races. On one hand, that's admirable... but, on the other hand, it is not informing people that one race may have valid reasons for distrusting those of a different race. Regardless of their reasoning, I see such reporting as inarguable media bias. Manipulating the news in order to support a political viewpoint is biased reporting.

The Zimmerman-Martin case is an excellent example of what happens when the people involved are identified by race. A (white) Hispanic man kills a black teenager, is tried in and declared guilty by the media, but found not guilty by the court, and there is rioting. A black man (or group of blacks) kills a white person, and - unless that white person is a member of Congress or among the super rich - it goes on page 8 of the Podunk Times, and is never even considered for national media coverage. Why is this? Could it be because black-on-white crime is so commonplace that it isn't considered newsworthy, or is it someone's idea of supporting improved race relations... by simultaneously violating the people's right to know?

I'd like to get comments from whoever visits this blog regarding their personal take on this situation. Go the the WND website ( ), once or twice a day for several days and follow their race-based reporting, then let me know how you interpret their "style". Do they seem to be even slightly racist... or is it just that they are willing to maintain a higher degree of honesty in their reporting? Somebody please let me know their thoughts, so that perhaps I can consider adjusting my own one way or the other.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Time Magazine Says "It's Racist For Cops to Prepare For Riots After Zimmerman Verdict"

For the benefit of those of you who have been off the planet for the last year or so, the "Zimmerman" is George Zimmerman (a "white-hispanc"), who is being (feebly) prosecuted for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin (a black teen). There have been rumblings - from somewhere - that if Zimmerman is not convicted there will be racial unrest in Sanford, Florida - if not the entire universe.

Although their decision to prepare IS "race-based" it IS NOT "racist". Black Americans have a long history of "playing the race card" based upon their "victim" status. In the past - prior to 1960 - some of it was fully-justified. That deck of "race cards" has long-since been exhausted.

However, preparations in and around Sanford, Florida to quell rioting is not solely race-based - it is also based upon the historically documented reactions of black Americans to any action taken against any member of the "black community". In their eyes, blacks can do no wrong. If they DO commit a crime it is "whitey's fault" for having something they wanted. If Trayvon Martin had killed George Zimmerman, there would be a black mob outside the court, demanding Trayvon's release. He would have been justified in killing Z for having the audacity to question his presence in a gated community of which he was not a resident. What a racist thing for Z to do!

OJ Simpson murdered two people in cold blood, but he was not found INNOCENT. He was found "not guilty". Why? Because LA did not want an re-enactment of the Rodney King incident, or the LA riots of the mid-1960s, it was a political decision rather than a legal one. Black Americans (especially when a high-profile case is being tried in a large metropolitan area) are - perhaps naturally - inclined to side with the black person - whether victim or perpetrator. That inclination may also be based upon the history of blacks with our system of justice, inasmuch as they were not always fairly tried - especially in our southern states.

Regardless of the reasons, black Americans have a HISTORY of violent reactions when things don't go their way. It would be foolish for law enforcement to ignore that fact. It is that history which necessitates the expectation of - and preparations for - race-based violence, if Z IS NOT convicted. Such preparations are based upon history. If the Chinese, Mexican, Arab or Caucasians had such a history, there would be the VARY SAME preparations being made! Are the people at Time Magazine too stupid to understand that? Do they not see the potential for their remarks to FUEL such an incident... or is that their PLAN? Violence in the streets makes GREAT news, and sells lots of magazines!

The good news? I'm not certain that there is any - other than the fact that Sanford FL is NOT a "large metropolitan area", and unless agitators come from outside the community, the chances of rioting by the black population fail to appear realistic to me. Most blacks are as law-abiding as any other racial group - but THEY aren't the one's that get the national publicity! THEY aren't the one's getting arrested and filling our prisons! THEY also aren't the one's that will get involved in a riot of any kind... unless the facts surrounding the riot are "beyond a shadow of a doubt"! That's my 2¢ worth.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Racism - Preserved And Fed By Government And Media For Political Profit!

The "legal" separation of the races that compose the USA, technically ended in 1968. Unfortunately, some folks couldn't reject a concept that their daddies, and their daddies daddies (etc, etc), had held onto as the single social indicator that they themselves were not on the bottom rung of the ladder of success. That personal philosophy justified individual racism... int their minds. However, without "racism" - real or imagined - the minorities in our country would no longer be able to complain about their role as "victim". There has been social discrimination since the beginning of the human race, and it will continue to exist through at least a couple of more generations. It is the humanized version of the old saw - "birds of a feather...". There are weak personalities (and minds), black, white, brown, etc., that cannot let go of their personal prejudices, whether they have any basis in reality or not.

The evil and dreaded "N" word is no longer PC... but NOTHING has been said about the derisive terms "honky, whitey, ofay, cracker, etc." Apparently, racism is a single-edged sword that only cuts one way, and MUST be wielded only by the Caucasians of our country. The Black Panthers and the "Nation of Islam" LOVE whitey... don't they? (<-- p="" sarcasm="">
Blacks are not genetically designed in such a way that they are prejudice free, but they have overworked the "racial victim" role, and they have done so with the full support of our government. OPEN-ENDED WELFARE is our government's design to keep blacks (and "po' white trash") dependent upon the government. If the government can keep people dependent upon them for supplying their basic (and MANY more-than-basic) needs, then the recipients will sacrifice their freedoms to maintain the continuous flow of those freebies. Welfare does NOT give the recipient a "hand up"... it is a foot on the back of the recipients neck - a tool of oppression and compliance. We have 5th and 6th generation welfare families in this country - they have turned welfare into THE FAMILY BUSINESS! Welfare should only be a "bridge" between dependence and independence, between consumption and productivity, and between indolence and industriousness.

I was raised with a work ethic - which, simply stated was, "If you don't work, you don't eat!" I still recall the lesson of Aesop's fable, "The Grasshopper and the Ant", and today Americans are almost 50% GRASSHOPPERS, and unemployment grows daily. What will happen when there are more people living off the labors of others than there are people actively laboring? There are only so many Congressional Seats (seats of PRIVILEGE, who vote their own raises, and can exempt themselves from any law that is deemed detrimental to them - like Obamacare).

My attitude is that "What's fair for one, should be fair for ALL". My attitude DOES NOT entitle our elected officials to vote on their own pay raises, or to exclude themselves from any law that applies to the public at large. Pay raises and benefit packages should be by public referendum, and the laws that effect one MUST have the same effect upon ALL! That's my worth...

Monday, July 1, 2013

THIRD PARTY POLITICS - is it finally TIME? The Government Serves the People...

Some people see the citizen-government relationship as it SHOULD BE (the government is the servant of the people) not as it really is (the government is the servant of big business and big money). And, if the Demoncrap socialists are successful in the 2014 Senatorial mid-terms, and succeed once again in 2016, we are totally effed. We need a conservative voter uprising! No Black Panthers with clubs at the polling places. Politically-balanced voting machine certification, politically balanced vote counters, and NO SEIU INVOLVEMENT, NO UNION POLL WATCHERS, and NO DEAD, COMIC BOOK/CARTOON CHARACTERS, or NON-CITIZEN voters casting ballots.

A VIABLE Third Party is the only way to give voters a real choice, since Demoncraps and Republicants are no longer opposite sides of the same coin - they are both on the edge of the political coin. There has been no distinguishable difference between their platforms in almost three decades. Yet, in order to be viable, a 3P candidate must have a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZABLE name (in a positive sense). There are only a handful who meet that standard. Allen West and Sarah Palin are two names that immediately come to mind, with Utah Senator Mike Lee coming in at a close third. (Senator Lee has shown the courage to vociferously - and publicly - speak out against several of Obama's UN-American - engineered for the continued failure of our country - schemes.)

There will be many who refuse to give up their "straight party ticket", and vote as they have done all their adult lives, without regard for what is best for the continued survival and successful growth of our nation. There will still be the "What's in it for me?" voter, the single-issue voter, and the low-to-no-information (politically unconscious) voter swayed by "pie-in-the-sky" promises. These conditions will be difficult to overcome, and I'm not sure We the People are quite ready for a Third Party... but we damn-well SHOULD BE!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Edward Snowden - American Hero or American Traitor?

Edward Snowden, as a result of his own actions, is at present living the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal", in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. If he has provided anyone outside the USA with classified information regarding techniques and technology, he is indeed a TRAITOR. If he has only disclosed the fact of US spying - which is an activity engaged in by ALL countries, and ALL countries are aware that it is a global practice - then he is not a traitor - just something less than a "hero". His status right now is a bit muddy in my mind. My initial impression when he leaked the story in the USA was, "Hero!", because I believe that We the People have the right to know when our OWN government is spying upon us. Our government is the servant, not the master! For the Obama administration, it adds just one more "end-run" to the never-ending succession of circumventions of our Constitution! But, I digress from my topic...

However, Snowden then began his World Tour of Countries Which Are Not Amicably Disposed Toward The United States of America. Undoubtedly, these countries were well-aware that they were being spied upon by each other and the rest of the world, which made me wonder if he was giving away information that would be SEVERELY damaging to the international and intelligence efforts or the USA.

"Embarrassing information" is not a BFD - embarrassment is basically a "no foul-no harm" condition. Our biggest embarrassment is Barack Obama and the merry band of Commies he appointed to powerful agency offices and his cabinet. It demonstrates OUR inability to make good, sound decisions. However, his inability (or is it disinterest?) to perform his Constitutional duties as POTUS - to the benefit of the We the People - is MUCH more dangerous. Obama and his co-conspirators are working to the DETRIMENT of our nation. Why is there such a hue and cry for Snowden's head, when those in government who are calling for Snowden's punishment are EQUALLY GUILTY of treasonous acts against the interests of the United State of America? Perhaps a few politicians in D.C. had plans of making some "political hay" by releasing similar information themselves during the 2014 Senate race, and Edward Snowden spoiled that opportunity for them. Regardless of any future plans for the information, the "leakage" did create a distraction from the scandals plaguing the Obama administration (Benghazi, Patient Affordable Care Act [aka: Obamacare], IRS, Fast and Furious, drones, etc... Our nation was established on less than 20 sheets of paper - Obamacare alone is now at more than 20,000 pages, including associated regulations, weighs about 24 pounds, and is a stack of paper 7'3" high). What's wrong with THAT picture?

By comparison, Edward Snowden is a relative minnow when compared to the Moby-Dick whale composing the inner-circle of the Obama administration! Punishing ONE traitor(?), should necessitate punishing ALL traitors!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Thus read the headline on the Yahoo News AP article by Julie Watson this morning, and here's the deal...
"Two brothers who worked as Border Patrol agents were sentenced to at least 30 years in prison each for smuggling hundreds of immigrants into the United States, crimes that the judge termed a threat to national security." "...Judge Houston said he gave the severe sentences to deter other agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border. The judge called their smuggling operation "disgusting."

How about we sentence Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and His Highness Barack I to the same prison terms? THEY permit such actions by NOT ENFORCING our immigration laws, and by discouraging BP Agents from doing so. THEY are complicit in the "crimes that the judge termed a threat to national security", and THEY are the primary "agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border." THEY are the ones who want not only to PERMIT illegal aliens to remain in the country, but the ones who wish to REWARD them for violating our laws.

Why is our "National Guard" being dispatched to the middle east, when the NATION is here? Shouldn't the "National Guard" be directly involved in guarding the nation, as the name implies? And it seems to me that the Border Patrol Agents in general, must be a bit confused. Seven years ago two BP Agents were imprisoned for DOING their job (the Compean and Ramos injustice), and now two more imprisoned for doing what the administration now claims is the right thing to do! Talk about a "mixed message". And now - according to the latest version of the "Immigration Bill" - the government wants to hire 20,000 more BP Agents to do exactly WHAT? Ignore people entering the country illegally?

Obama, Holder and Napolitano are the BIGGEST threats to national security, if one considers that We the People are those who COMPOSE "the nation", and each day the administration nibbles away a bit more of the Bill of Rights... while Congress sits quietly doing nothing to stop them.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Major" Nidal Hasan asks for a further 3 month delay in his trial for premeditated murder at Fort Hood, TX!

His trial was set to begin last month when Hasan, 42, requested to go to trial acting as his own attorney. He initially told the court he would be able to proceed with no delay, but he asked for a three-month delay just minutes after presiding judge Col. Tara Osborn granted his request.
Hasan has since told the court he targeted soldiers who were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.

Hasan has said he will attempt to justify the killing of 13 people on post in 2009 with a “defense of others” strategy. Those "others" are the Taliban!

To paraphrase Sun Tzu, "The ally of my enemy is my enemy." Hasan murdered - in cold blood - 13 unarmed American soldiers, and wounded 32 others! His "defense of others" claim makes him also guilty of treason, by taking arms against the U.S. protect an enemy. As Ben Franklin once said regarding legal proceedings, "A person who represents himself has a fool for a client."

This particular fool has already had 3½ YEARS of delays, and is being allowed to make a mockery of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, under which he will - someday perhaps - be tried. My attitude is quite basic - TRY HIM AND FRY HIM! If you think that's barbaric, so be it, but the facts are quite simple - 
1. Civilian police responded to a call (maybe the MP's didn't know what to do) at the Fort Hood Army Installation.
2. When they arrived at the scene, they were fired upon by the only person in the vicinity with firearms.
3. Police returned fire, seriously injuring their attacker.
4. When the opportunity presented itself, they surveyed the room and found 45 people shot, 13 of whom were dead.
5. The person firing upon the police was "Major" Nidal Hasan. Inasmuch as there was no other person in the immediate area holding weapons or firing upon police, Hasan was arrested.  He was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, and 32 counts of attempted murder... MORE THAN 43 MONTHS AGO!
6. He apparently has not denied the charges, but his "defense of others" is nothing less than an admission of guilt. Basically, he is saying, "I did it, but I should be forgiven because I did it in the defense of others." How many Taliban were under attack in that room on 9 November 2009? Oh.. none? Using Hasan's reasoning, we should now kill ALL Muslims, wherever we find them, because the Taliban are Muslims, and the Taliban kill Americans. How monumentally STUPID is that line of reasoning? Yet the Army is entertaining Hasan's request. Proof positive that, "A person who represents himself has a fool for a client."

While incarcerated awaiting trial, Hasan has violated Army regulations by growing a beard. He could be tried under the UCMJ for that, while his other trial date is pending resolution. He should have been reduced in rank to that of E-1, and all pay and allowances forfeited. Was he? No. Instead, Hasan has accumulated over $248,000 in pay and allowances during that period! This is TAXPAYER MONEY - and IT CONTINUES TO ACCRUE IN HIS ACCOUNT TODAY!

Maybe Obama will make him a "Senior Adviser on Islamic Protective Affairs", so he can invoke "Executive Privilege", and not be tried at all. God save us from our own stupidity and the insanity of Political Correctness!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Media Personalities Hackneying Phrases and Creating Previously Non-existent Words

I listen to quite a bit of radio when out driving in the car, or even sitting at my keyboard as I am now. The first part of my title for this post is something of which most of us are painfully aware, although we may not all be familiar with the term "hackney/hackneyed/hackneying". Quite simply put, when a phrase becomes "hackneyed" it has been made trite or banal though overuse. In other words, we have tired of hearing it! One of my most unfavorite (if they can create words, so can I) of these is the wearying overuse of the phrase "At the end of the day..." - which I just heard "America's National Treasure" use on the radio. At the end of the day, I could just scream, "Are you talking heads incapable of turning a phrase?" Just for a change of pace, why not try throwing out an occasional,  "When all is said and done...", or "When the dust settles...", or "As the sun begins to set on...", or tell us how "The bottom line is..."? Better yet, how about just a simple "As I see it...", or "The outcome of this situation will/may/should be...". I am fully aware that most of those recommended phrases have themselves become hackneyed, but if they all would be frequently interspersed by broadcast personalities, they would not be nearly as noticeable.

Fox News Radio is particularly bad for hackney and creation. The personalities on Fox are apparently lexicographers (by network acclamation), and are therefore permitted to create new, non-existent words for the English language. Recently the popular non-word seems to be "political strategerist". THERE'S NO SUCH WORD AS "STRATEGERIST"! What was wrong with using the dictionary defined word of "strategist"? Did it sound too mundane? Were there not enough letters in it to emphasize the importance of this critical occupation (sarcasm)? Does a "strategerist" do something other than analyze, recommend and implement strategy... as does a strategist?

Call it one of my (many) "pet peeves" if you like, but there is something inherently wrong about anyone who uses the English language as the means of earning a living, using that language incorrectly. To me, it's virtually impossible to ignore. It's like seeing a Volkswagen Minibus attempting to navigate the slalom course at a Sports Car Club of America rally. For the most part, our beloved "Talking Heads" are not uneducated people., so why are they so cavalier in their use of the English language?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Horrendous Boston Marathon Bombings - Courtesy of "Religion of Peace"?

According to our soulless leader, BHO, Islam is a "religion of peace", and we should embrace them as members of our loving world family of religions. On the other hand, WND reported today that (fair use applies)...
"A source within Iranian intelligence services told WND the Islamic regime was behind them and to look for trails through Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The source said the bombs were planted near the end of the race so that the horrific images of the blasts would be captured by all the media there and be replayed over and over throughout the world.
A senior commander of the Islamic regime had warned less than two months ago that terrorism was coming to America.
The source for today’s information blamed the Islamic regime for the Boston attack and pointed to the collaboration of the regime’s Quds Forces with Hezbollah and elements of al-Qaida with links to individuals in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He said that under Quds Force guidance, Hezbollah recruited Sunni terrorists allied with al-Qaida factions in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, who then entered the U.S. for terrorist activities.
The information has been shared with U.S. officials.
But until the FBI and other U.S. agencies complete their investigations, all information regarding the bombings must be considered with great caution and any conclusions would be premature.
If the source is correct, however, then three individuals will likely have had a hand in planning and preparing for the attack:
  • Mustafa Badr Al Din, the brother-in-law and cousin of the dead terrorist Imad Mugniyah, who now serves as Mugnyiah’s replacement as the military leader of Hezbollah and who also serves as the deputy of Qasem Soliemani, the head of the Islamic regime’s Quds Forces.
  • Mohammad Ali Hamadei, on the FBI’s most-wanted list, a Hezbollah operator responsible for operation and infiltration of forces into America who was based in New Mexico with a Latin American passport and who was also seen last year in England.
  • Talal Hamieh, the head of Hezbollah’s External Security Organization responsible for operations outside of Lebanon. He has been in Mexico collaborating with drug cartels to raise funds for Hezbollah cells and facilitates the transfer of arms and terrorists into the U.S.
Both Badr Al Din and Hamieh were designated for sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department last year for their involvement in terrorist activities throughout the world.
In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, FARS News Agency put out a piece headlined, “Obama in deep trouble if Boston bombing was by Salafis (ultraconservative Sunni Muslims).”
FARS said one reason that Obama has not linked the Boston bombing to al-Qaida is that his administration wants to show it has defeated al-Qaida and any mention of the terrorist group would undermine his position.
FARS, as with the earlier warning by Jazayeri, denounced Obama’s decision to help the opposition in Syria and hinted that the Boston attack is related to al-Qaida and the hardcore Sunnis. It concluded that Obama would likely not name them as the guilty party to save face."

(If you are surprised by the above information, please raise your hand. In fact... raise both your hands [as if in a gesture of surrender] since you have obviously surrendered your brain to our left-wing administration.)

It's time to "connect the dots of believability"...

  • In an act of unprecedented ignorance, BHO (with the enthusiastic assistance of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Secretary of State John Kerry) has granted members of Islamic countries special, privileged, front-of-the-line treatment in matters of VISA issuance and immigration.
  • Shrapnel deploying bombs in public places are a favorite destructive tool of the Islamic terrorists.
  • Paraphrasing one of the tenets of the Qu'ran, it says (essentially), "Convert the infidels or put them to the sword." (That is a figurative "sword", not a literal sword. Any weapon used to murder the non-repentant infidel will suffice. Islam gets the maximum "return on investment" from a bomb.If you are a non-Muslim, or even a Muslim deemed to be apostate in practice, you are that infidel.)
  • Islamists have a history of murdering the innocent - a long history of doing so in Israel, and a shorter, more recent history of doing so in the USA (World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and the Twin Towers bombing in 2001). They have also killed and/or made prisoners of tourists and journalists around the world.
  • BHO admitted to "his Muslim faith" during an ABC television interview.
  • A TWO MONTH WARNING by a senior commander of the Islamic regime that, "terrorism was coming to America", apparently went unheeded by federal law enforcement agencies.
  • The original "person of interest" in the Boston Marathon bombing. 20 year old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, is being deported back to Saudi Arabia next week. Why is he being deported? His student visa is still good. Could he have done something more than "witness" the explosion? Will we ever be told the truth about his role in this massacre? The State Department claims it is to avoid embarrassment to the Saudis. If he did nothing wrong then where is the "embarrassment" factor? Is this just the latest in the long line of government coverups? The administration does not want the bomber to be a Muslim - they're hoping for a white, Christian, right-wing radical to be charged.
To paraphrase Shakespeare, "The is something rotten in the state of D.C." My money is on a Muslim - perhaps it isn't the Muslim mentioned above, but I believe it is a Muslim. The day (Patriot's Day), the event (Boston Marathon) and the size of the crowd (estimates of over 150,000) was a Muslim homicide bomber's wet dream.

Friday, March 22, 2013

"Universal Pre-School" is the Government's Plan...

In his State of the Union address, President "Screwtape" Obama said he wanted to “make high-quality preschool available to every child in America” and “make sure none of our children start the race of life already behind.”

The public education system, along with institutes of "higher learning", has been co-opted by the radical left. This is not anything new, inasmuch as the teachers of today were taught by yesterday's left-wingers (or those teacher's who taught the teachers of yesterday's left wingers). I believe it began in the late 1960's - when the so-called "anti-establishment drug and free-love" sub-culture of the 1960's (or at least those who weren't too stoned to pass their finals) were awarded their teaching certificates. Most of these left-wing liberal-"progressives" went directly to teaching in the public system, many at the K-6 level, and some at the 7-12 level. What's wrong with that?

The public "educational system" has been replaced with the Federal Indoctrination System, replete with  revisionist history (history retold the way the left wishes it had been), political correctness, studies of aberrant sexual behaviors now deemed "normal" by the government, marginalization of Christianity, and other left-wing absurdities. To effectively indoctrinate a body of people, you must begin the process of indoctrination as early in their lives as possible. In "teaching" children in grades K-6, the process is simplest. The political minds of children ages 5-11 are essentially "dry sponges" ready to absorb any liquid in which they are immersed. Whether it be the purest of spring waters, or the liquid waste from the sewers of political belief. "Common Core" education, being forced upon us by the federal government, is the most blatant transference of liquid waste to date.

The goal of Common Core education is absolute and total  indoctrination of the youth of America into the belief that all people should achieve the same rewards for their labors - regardless of education, experience, competence, employment status, or difficulty and/or hazards involved in the performance of those labors. Quite simply put, those slackers who elect to do nothing, should be able to have the same standard of living as those who work 40-80 hours per week. That is the socialist mindset that currently governs and indoctrinates the children of our Republic.

The federal government is not the solution to any educational/social problem - it is source of the problem. "Project Head Start" has been in existence for 50+ years, at the cost of trillions of tax dollars, yet the accomplishments of those who have had access to the program, are no better than those who did not have access. Wasteful effort? Obviously.

Education should be controlled at the state level, not the federal level. State boards of education should determine the content and conduct of the learning process for our children. Our educational emphasis should be on the 3R's, not on "Heather Has Two Mommies" - history, not homosexuality, math not Muslims, and science not (left-wing icon) Sol Alinsky.

Our founders gave us a Constitution designed to benefit those who made the effort to become self-sufficient through apprenticeship (training), self-motivation, and hard work. Our Constitution also was designed to limit areas of our daily lives in which the federal government could involve itself, and - regarding those areas where involvement was permitted - it places further restrictions upon how deeply the government may involve itself. Our founders saw the potential for abuse of power by any governing body, and took steps to minimize the possibility that the federal government could someday seize all power from the people. They insured, through our Constitution that necessary means of recourse would always be available to the citizens, in the body of the Second Amendment - which contains the phrase "shall not be infringed".

Sadly, the Constitution is only as good as the people's will to protect and defend it - and there is some question over whether We the People yet possess that will. The administration "end-runs" the Constitution at every opportunity, circumventing it's original intent, ignoring the requirements of government therein, and constantly chipping away at the people's Bill of Rights. The circumstances under which such flagrant violations of the Constitution will end is not yet clear. The "checks and balances" are not working as they were designed  - Congress rubber stamps the malfeasance (bordering upon treason) of the administration, and the Federal Court system only fails to support their inaction when a blind man can see the criminality.

An "Oath of Office" is only an oath when it is sworn to by people of honor. There is little-if-any honor in the Federal District of Columbia, so that part of the "Oath of Office" where they swore to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic..."

Friday, March 15, 2013

The "Ship of State" is Crewed by FOOLS!

Those "running the country" are not stupid, but they are very foolish. They foolishly follow a political belief system that has proven, time and time again, to be unsustainable over the long haul . Their support comes from both the foolish and the stupid among us. The single issue voter, the "What's in it for me" people, the uneducated, the uninformed and the unconcerned.

We the People are being led down the proverbial "Garden Path" by the current administration, whose hope is that we will be distracted from the quicksand by all the pretty flowers. We are irrecoverably mired in international debt, and yet we continue to borrow more! The government continues to print currency with nothing behind it, devaluing the few dollars that the average working person manages to retain after taxes. Nationally, we have the highest unemployment since the Great Depression, and more jobs are being lost daily to foreign countries and foreign nationals here on work visas. Yet the voracious appetite of our Behemoth federal government grows, demanding more taxes to support it's weight. The elected "leader" of our government lives the lavish lifestyle of a Potentate... while simultaneously demanding that We the People "tighten our belts". And, exactly where are those 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition for which DHS has contracted (ammunition that is prohibited by International Law from use in "war" - going to be used? Is our government so afraid of We the People, that they must have a supply of ammunition sufficient to kill every living American almost 6 times over? A supply great enough to fight a sustained war for more than 20 years. A government that serves the will of the people has no reason to fear them. What we are observing is the gradual erosion - and intentional usurpation - of our Constitution, and with it our God-given rights.

The "Ship of State" is captained and crewed by fools who desire to rule their subjects, rather than appropriately govern the citizens. How did this happen? We have an over-abundance of fools who are of legal voting age, who refuse to recognize the political, economic and social "reefs" that lie ahead in the Sea of Socialism! The ruling class in Washington D.C., is composed of anti-Americans, and a Congress that lacks the moral courage to challenge them.

I hope those who supported this desecration of our country and ourConstitution by their ballots are proud of themselves. "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." The "destruction" and "fall" are visible on the horizon, for those who care to look.
~My admonition to all patriotic Americans~

Monday, March 11, 2013

WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS - American Revolution Part II, and the10th Crusade

The world would be a wonderful place to live, if there weren't people in it to screw things up! As of March 1, 2013 there were 60 countries at war, and 391 "armed conflicts" underway within those countries.

We find ourselves in a chaotic world, although for the most-part peace currently reigns at home. Yet, to many, it seems as if we may be on the brink of Part II of the American Revolution. We have an administration composed entirely of left-wingers, Marxists, Socialist-"progressives", and other varieties of Communists. We also have high unemployment, a devalued currency, ever-increasing taxation, outrageous international indebtedness, circumvention - by our government - of our Constitution, the use of military drones within the borders of the USA, lax border control, the abridgement of the Bill of Rights, Amendments I, IV, VIII and X, and a push to infringe upon Amendment II, which our founders specifically prohibited. Why is the administration pushing the envelope of what We the People will quietly tolerate? First because our elected Congress lacks the courage to say "ENOUGH!". They will not unite for the good of the country and say no to the spoiled, "my way or no way" attitude of our President, Barry the Bankrupter.
There are a few of us who are actually paying attention, and connecting the dots. Individually, the actions of our government may appear innocuous... but, when looked upon individually as the pieces of a much larger puzzle, a highly disturbing picture develops.
The motto of the left-wing is not only, "Never let a crisis go to waste", it includes the adjunct phrase, "If there is no crisis create one you can solve" (exercising direction by misdirection and  smoke and mirrors leadership). Eventually, the American people will become unsettled over this incompetence at all levels of government, and there will be an uncivil civil reaction. This reaction is just what the Commies-in-Charge want, as it will supply them with much-needed justification to impose martial law upon the people, and within that construct reduce the population.

The opening shots of the Tenth Crusade were fired on September 11, 2001, when Islamists attacked the World Trade Center, using aircraft as flying bombs, and taking over 3,300 lives. The goal of Islam is to dominate the world as the single religion, while the goal of the rest of the world is to choose their own religious beliefs, or to choose none at all. The followers of Islam are involved in the majority of those 391 "armed conflicts" mentioned in my first paragraph. They are "eating the elephant... one bite at a time". Conquering other people's right to choose by use of "the sword". If they are not stopped, and stopped SOON, they may just succeed in accomplishing their goal. Just my 2¢ worth. If you choose to disagree with my assessment, I will support your right to remain ignorant, and to perish forthwith from the Earth.