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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Statement Was Made Online, "Republicans just can't resist the temptation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"

That statement - declaring that Republicans just can't resist the temptation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - may be true. It is my considered opinion that the GOP capitulates so quickly because they have no faith in their supporting voter base, who - in turn - acquire even less faith in the GOP.

This "lack of faith" I just mentioned, manifests itself in the form of what I see as a "symbiotic political mobius strip", with two components - the RNC and the conservative voters - at opposite ends of the mobius strip. As one impacts upon the other it comes to rest, the impacted component moves around the strip to the other end, where it gains momentum coming out of the curve - and the process repeats... as does the theoretical concept of "perpetual motion". The GOP sees a dissipation of support among their base, so they try to replace some of the lost conservative voters by portraying an image of "we are all things to all people", thereby driving more conservative voters away from the GOP support base, and into an attitude of apathy for the GOP. And the process repeats over and over.

Why? Because the RNC is too far out of touch with their "base" to recognize that when the GOP collapses under the slightest pressure from the left, they obscure their own identity as the "loyal opposition" and become collaborators. The majority of the numbers in the GOP voter base is NOT with the big money donors, but with the people. Those who vote "R" at the booth because they DO NOT want socialism running rampant within the confines of our once-great nation. Why would anybody vote for a party composed primarily of collaborators?

I can see where - in the not too distant future - a viable 3rd Party could arise from the ashes left by disaffected GOP conservatives. In order to be a successful challenger, they will need a NATIONAL NAME - one with positive recognition (not a name like Al 'remember Tawana Brawley' Sharpton)! Our so-called "Two-Party system" has become more of a "one-party-with-a-slightly-out-of-focus-reflection-in-the-mirror system". We need to be able to clearly distinguish between political parties, because without any distinctions why even bother to vote? And THAT'S another contributing factor to conservative voter apathy, but... unfortunately, the liberal Demonrats (the vast majority of whom actually cast their VOTES) see it as proof that their way is the right way - because they win elections!

Remember WHO did WHAT to us when the Senate mid-term elections come in November 2014, and especially which Party forced us to accept a incomprehensibly expensive, and inefficient alternative to our usual health care. Tell your family, friends and neighbors, that the road back to success for our Constitutional Republic is dependent upon conservative fiscal and social values.!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Question Was Raised Online...

"WHY  does Obama seem to be purging our military of command-level officers?" It's a fairly long story, so please bear with me. The short answer is,

"The 'reasons' behind the firings of high-ranking military officers has been discussed elsewhere several times, and it seems to boil down to how they answer one critical question - "Will you order your soldiers to fire upon American civilians if so directed?" (or words to that effect). The career-ending answer is 'NO'."

Career military officers, who have managed to kiss their way up the gluteus maximus ladder, know the "correct answer". But, some have the strength of character to honor the Oath of Allegiance they swore, and answer truthfully. They are then removed from their command position. I would guess that many of the others - those who gave the correct response - are HOPING that they will never be called upon to issue such orders, and are simply "hedging their career bet".

Those of us who have reached the age of majority, in general know that POLITICIANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED! If their lips are moving, 99% of that which emanates from their mouths should be spread upon our nation's crops. When questioned, they will "duck and weave" in order to avoid giving a straight answer that they may be asked to account for at a future date. When they have fooled enough people to get elected, they will then do as they damn-well please!

There are rare exceptions to that rule - junior Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did exactly as they said they would, and they are catching some blow-back from their Republican "colleagues"... colleagues who declined to support their efforts. So much for "teamwork" and the "united front"! Did they forget that, "If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand."? This is WHY the Republican party is falling into disfavor with the people - the internal bickering, and lack of party conviction on issues - convictions that SHOULD differentiate the GOP from the Demonrats! If one party is nothing more than a pale reflection of the other, how can We the People be expected to distinguish between the two - and if we cannot distinguish between them WHY should we vote for one party's candidates over the other party?

The GOP has LOST it's unique identity, thanks to the RINOs, and the weak among them - who FEAR the wrath of Obama! It is when the lines between "opposing" party's become blurred that people begin wondering about things like "puppet masters", and "shadow governments", and "Who is REALLY controlling our government"?

Who is it that is SO POWERFUL that they can essentially control the world? There are probably thousands of "conspiracy theories" our here in cyberspace about the NWO, the One World Government, and WHO controls WHAT. And, there MAY be some small truth in each of them, but separating that miniscule truth from the overwhelming speculation and BS, and then matching-up the pieces of the puzzle correctly, is a challenge that most people would not undertake - myself included.

Universal, ABSOLUTE truths are known only by those who CREATE them, whether man or deity. We humans are forced to function and believe within the boundaries of our "individual truths", which are generally "hit-and-miss" propositions. Sadly, these personal "truths" are what we must rely upon when we go to the ballot box. Some of us have been "fooled twice - shame on you". Politics is NOT a self-correcting business. We must purge our congress of those who do not demonstrate that they have the best interests of our Republic at heart. Lt Col Allen West understands this better than most. He has been exposed to the politics of war, and he has been a functioning part of our elected government. Why only one term in the House? Because he failed to sing the "company song"! Allen West WOULD NOT "go along to get along" - he ASKED the hard questions, and he would NOT ACCEPT the misleading answers!

If the GOP is to survive it NEEDS more people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Allen West! Americans who couldn't care less about what others think of them, because they care more about that which affects the continuation of our Constitutional Republic... as it was intended to be by the Founding Fathers!