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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Statement Was Made Online, "Republicans just can't resist the temptation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"

That statement - declaring that Republicans just can't resist the temptation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - may be true. It is my considered opinion that the GOP capitulates so quickly because they have no faith in their supporting voter base, who - in turn - acquire even less faith in the GOP.

This "lack of faith" I just mentioned, manifests itself in the form of what I see as a "symbiotic political mobius strip", with two components - the RNC and the conservative voters - at opposite ends of the mobius strip. As one impacts upon the other it comes to rest, the impacted component moves around the strip to the other end, where it gains momentum coming out of the curve - and the process repeats... as does the theoretical concept of "perpetual motion". The GOP sees a dissipation of support among their base, so they try to replace some of the lost conservative voters by portraying an image of "we are all things to all people", thereby driving more conservative voters away from the GOP support base, and into an attitude of apathy for the GOP. And the process repeats over and over.

Why? Because the RNC is too far out of touch with their "base" to recognize that when the GOP collapses under the slightest pressure from the left, they obscure their own identity as the "loyal opposition" and become collaborators. The majority of the numbers in the GOP voter base is NOT with the big money donors, but with the people. Those who vote "R" at the booth because they DO NOT want socialism running rampant within the confines of our once-great nation. Why would anybody vote for a party composed primarily of collaborators?

I can see where - in the not too distant future - a viable 3rd Party could arise from the ashes left by disaffected GOP conservatives. In order to be a successful challenger, they will need a NATIONAL NAME - one with positive recognition (not a name like Al 'remember Tawana Brawley' Sharpton)! Our so-called "Two-Party system" has become more of a "one-party-with-a-slightly-out-of-focus-reflection-in-the-mirror system". We need to be able to clearly distinguish between political parties, because without any distinctions why even bother to vote? And THAT'S another contributing factor to conservative voter apathy, but... unfortunately, the liberal Demonrats (the vast majority of whom actually cast their VOTES) see it as proof that their way is the right way - because they win elections!

Remember WHO did WHAT to us when the Senate mid-term elections come in November 2014, and especially which Party forced us to accept a incomprehensibly expensive, and inefficient alternative to our usual health care. Tell your family, friends and neighbors, that the road back to success for our Constitutional Republic is dependent upon conservative fiscal and social values.!


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