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Sunday, February 2, 2014

GOP Establishment Secretly Pining for Mitt Romney in 2016?

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not a strong conservative candidate, and conservative VOTERS tend to follow their own personal convictions when they vote. Romney is not tremendously popular among grassroots Republican, either. On the other hand, Hillary IS a strong Democrat candidate. She is well-liked within the party, simply because the Dems will support their own... regardless of their lack of qualifications (as was demonstrated in 2008 and 2012).

Romney lost his first bid to become POTUS for several reasons, not the least of which is: Republicans and conservatives need AT LEAST a quasi-valid reason to vote for a candidate! Put a "D" behind Vladimir Putin's name, appoint Satan HIMSELF as his campaign manager, and the Dem's WILL vote for him!

Please don't misunderstand... I don't classify Mitt Romney as a "bad guy". Unfortunately that is another reason for his failed campaign. He is TOO NICE... too much of a gentleman to "roll around in the mud" with his opponent! Romney stays on the high ground and takes the shots, while his opponent takes cover behind trees and in the trenches, and snipes at him.

There is also the religious issue to be overcome. Many people misunderstand the LDS/"Mormon" religion, and do not see it as a qualifying "Christian" religion. The "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" has been wrongly classified as a "cult religion" because their method of worship and their internal rituals are somewhat foreign to mainstream Christianity.

People whose sense of honor is stronger than their sense of survival, rarely do well in politics - especially at the national level. They are ill-prepared to face the street-fighters ensconced within the walls and halls of the Capitol Building.

Romney needs to train like Rocky Balboa, but he seems to lack that "Rocky" hunger. He gave the subconscious impression that he didn't really care if he won the most prestigious office on planet Earth. He does not radiate the strength of character that conservative voters desire in a candidate, even though he does seem to possess that quality.

I'm afraid that if Mitt is the best candidate they have, the GOP - and the USA - will lose once again. Being the best person is NOT the same as being the BEST CANDIDATE! And that's my 2¢ worth.