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Sunday, October 19, 2008

NObama's "October Surprise" - surprising WHOM??

My prediction for NObama's "October Surprise"is this:

  1. Joe Biden will withdraw as the Dem's VP nominee, probably citing 'health reasons", thereby enabling
  2. Hillary Clinton to become the Dem's VP nominee, thereby insuring
  3. A left-wing, liberal landslide victory for Nobama, et al
The 'King Makers' have made this decision for Nobama, much to his dismay. (I'm certain he remembers the untimely demise of Vince Foster ... right-hand man to the Clinton Administration. And people think that Dr. Jack Kevorkian invented "assisted suicide" ...) This may carry more of a 'surprise' than Nobama planned upon.

And, there goes the mainstay of the 'checks and balances' - we will have a left-wing Democratic President, supported by a left-wing Democratically-controlled Congress, doing all kinds of left-wing, not-particularly-good-for-average-working-class-Americans (how's that for a long hyphenant?) things. Like having the U.S. Border Patrol passing out "Get Out of Jail Free" cards along our southern border, outsourcing your job to Bangalore India, increasing welfare allowances while simultaneously eroding Social Security. The socialist grasshopper will be in the White House (which he will probably rename) redistributing the earnings of all the hardworking ants to all the lazy, socialist grasshopper constituents who put him in office. The sad part is, that WE will have gotten the government we deserved, rather than the government we needed. Smoke and mirrors, mirrors and smoke, elect Obama and watch us go broke.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look out Rassmussen and Zogby - here's the REAL poll!

The pollsters are all showing the upcoming Presidential election to be a close race. McCain gets a few points here, NObama gets a few points there, and overall NObama has - statistically speaking - a few more points in the general election. That brings to mind the old saw "Figures can lie, and liars can figure." But, does that really count for anything when NObama has all the Electoral College votes he needs to become President, regardless of the 'popular vote'? Perhaps we'll find out during the first week of November.

We could be on the brink of the Second American Civil War, depending upon who wins the election, and how the government's actions are perceived by the general population. For several decades the government has been seen as generally unconcerned about the expressed desires of it's citizens. The George Bush administration was a disappointment to many citizens during his first term, and a disappointment - in many respects - to the vast majority during his second term. Gee Dubbya has pretty much made it impossible for any Republican to win the 2008 Presidential Election.

We could also be observing the setting of the stage for the first (provable) Presidential assassination/attempted assassination in 27 years, if NObama gets elected. In a recent Ragnarok Poll, 80% of the people interviewed said they truly expected there would be an attempt on President NObama's life within his first year in office. "Who do would such a dastardly deed?", you ask. Basically it would be the same type of person, who has committed political assassinations since the formation of the first caveman tribal government:
  1. Someone desirous of occupying that particular office themself - for example if Hillary Clinton had been named as the VP candidate.
  2. Some mentally deranged redneck loner from Bent Fork Arkansas, who picks up his rifle and tells his momma, "Ah'm a'gonna do me sum 'coon hunting!", then shows up in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. on the evening news. It may even be a personal command from God, during their last chat, that he do so. But, more likely, he got hold of a bad batch of moonshine.
  3. Some mentally deranged 'patriot' loner who sees his country going to hell in a liberal handcart. He decides it is incumbent upon him to save the country from the ills and pitfalls of socialism. It may even be percieved by him as a personal edict from God that he do so. He picks up his AR-15, and tells his mother, "I'm going to save our country from those left-wing, liberal commies!" This person may possibly achieve 'folk hero' status - as the man who brought REAL CHANGE to our government.
The second and third items above are the primary scenarios for what may happen in the 1st year of Barack NObama's presidency. The only down side would be that Joe "No Balls" Biden would then become the President, and there would be little noticeable change ... at least, until Billy Jim-Bob arrived.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Pollsters vs. the Polls - Is This Right?

Have you ever wondered if pollsters, conducting pre-election polls, are truly performing a "public service" ... or are they trying to sway the public to vote for a particular candidate? "Candidate X has an 8-point lead over Candidate Y." Does that kind of 'reporting' encourage people who would have voted for "Candidate Y" to rally their family, friends and acquaintances to go to the polls and vote for "Candidate Y" ... or does it make them ask themselves, "Why should I bother to vote if my candidate is that far behind?" It could have either effect ... but, as complacent as Americans are, I think they would, for the most part, choose the latter option. Not voting is like giving two votes to the candidate you don't want to see in office - one of the ones he/she actually got, and the one you didn't cast against him/her - which would effectively cancel out the one he/she got. So, don't be discouraged by statistics - YOU, and only YOU, can change them on election day!
The other thing that concerns me is the "Electoral College". This is a function that has long outlived its intended purpose. It may have been a necessary, and even good, thing in the late 1700's, when information was slow moving, and people in remote, frontier parts of the country may not have been fully informed of the issues and the candidates positions on those issues. Those times are long past though, and we have instantaneous communications in all parts of the country ... for those who care enough to look and/or listen. The Electoral College has overturned the popular vote at least once in my lifetime, in the 2000 Presidential election. It now appears that the Electoral College is poised to do so again! I heard on the news the other day that McCain has 120 EC votes, and Obama has 270 EC votes - there aren't enough undecided EC votes to put McCain in office should he actually win the popular vote!
What's wrong with this picture? Nothing, if your a big fan of socialist government, but PLENTY when the demonstrated will of the people can be overturned by a select few! These few know what's best for all of us ... the majority of us are apparently considered too stupid to know what we're doing in the voting booths, so we just don't count. So, why bother voting?
Because if you don't vote, you have no gripe coming no matter who wins the election, or by what means they win. Elected ... or appointed by the EC makes no difference. If you don't vote, you wind up with exactly what you deserve. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4TH!!

How to End The Conflict(s) In the Middle East ...

Here's a quick fix for the armed conflicts throughout the Middle East! Build one squadron of 'crop dusters' with oversize spray nozzles. Fill their tanks with liquefied bacon grease, and spray the entire Middle East with it. The Muslim faithful will then have to stay indoors, thereby limiting their ability to engage in combat ... and their ability to eat for an extended period! Eventually they will starve to death - problem resolved.
It works for ME!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Into the Blogosphere We Go ~ Will We Make It Back?

I've been playing with this blog for a couple of months now, using it mainly as a venting tool for my concerns about the upcoming election. There are many other things that concern me in this life, but who is in control of our country is right at the top of my list ... as it should be for ALL Americans!

If the liberals take control, we are doomed to economic failure, political corruption, increased crime, and, from a practical standpoint, the dissolution of our legal system.

If the conservatives take control, we are only going to have to face continued political corruption. This seems like a no-brainer to me!

The truth, as I see it, is this: neither party has fielded an exemplary candidate for the highest elected office in the land. One is totally ignorant of what's really going on in the world, and has a highly questionable affinity for this nation and our culture. The other is unquestionably a patriot, but is not a young man, and has battled cancer 4 times - and he has WON!

But, as I have said before, I'm getting campaign burn-out. It seems to be the only thing on the news these days - Obama this, Mccain that, Palin the other. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about it! Oh yeah, that, and the faltering economy - which is also being used as a political ping -pong ball. The Democratically controlled Congress blames the President and the Republicans, and the Republicans blame the Democrats who control the purse strings of the country. The Blame Game goes on forever ... when will somebody start playing the Fix It Game? The alienation and competitiveness between the two parties, is detrimental to the overall welfare of our country! When will those freeloading, tax-paid morons realize that fact, and act for the good of the people, not just the party?

What has happened since the days when public service of this type was a voluntary thing - when dedicated people entered public service because they wanted to see the country thrive, grow and prosper? It won't do any of those things in a socialist environment. We were not founded as a country of entitlements - which is what we will become if Obama gets elected. The only entitlements here are the entitlement to opportunities and equal treatment. Notice that I said EQUAL ... not 'special'. Yet many groups and individuals think they are entitled to more benefits than those promised to ALL by our Constitution. And, the ACLU is working toward getting them that special 'Protected Class' designation, in conjunction with our liberal, activist federal judges.

These are the same judges who seem to think child molesters and baby rapers are just misunderstood, and they should get minimal sentences ... if ANY! Do they not care for the welfare of our children, or are they just stupid? Those criminals who prey upon children have the highest of all recidivism rates. Why? Because their targets are defenseless and innocent, and the punishment, if caught, is next to nothing! Granted, our prisons are operating at and above maximum capacity, but there are ways to correct that without releasing the worst of all criminals. One way would be to start shuffling prisoners around, creating several 'Super-Max' prisons in remote parts of the country, housing the worst of the worst. Like the desert lands of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, New Mexico, California, or the tundra of Alaska's wilderness - all of which would be located at least 50 miles from the nearest rock! Or - better yet - on islands! Or both! San Quentin could be rehabilitated for use, even if the people sent there couldn't.

Instead of releasing violent and sexual predators, we could release 'white collar' criminals - embezzlers, for example. Pickpockets aren't generally violent, so we could release them ... along with petty thieves, car thieves, tax evaders, etc. Anybody that has committed a crime against property (short of arson and/or incendiary and explosive devices), or non-violent crimes against persons and/or business entities, should be the ones released to make room for those convicted of more serious crimes against the public! We do not need to flood the country with hard-core criminals. We could even empty our prisons death rows, by simply executing those who have been sentenced to die, instead of feeding, clothing, housing, and seeing to their medical needs - for an average of 18 years before the sentence is actually carried out! Give them 3 years to make their appeals, and if they are unsuccessful in that amount of time ... then put out their lights.

That's just the way I see things! I could be wrong ....................................... but, I'm not!