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Sunday, October 19, 2008

NObama's "October Surprise" - surprising WHOM??

My prediction for NObama's "October Surprise"is this:

  1. Joe Biden will withdraw as the Dem's VP nominee, probably citing 'health reasons", thereby enabling
  2. Hillary Clinton to become the Dem's VP nominee, thereby insuring
  3. A left-wing, liberal landslide victory for Nobama, et al
The 'King Makers' have made this decision for Nobama, much to his dismay. (I'm certain he remembers the untimely demise of Vince Foster ... right-hand man to the Clinton Administration. And people think that Dr. Jack Kevorkian invented "assisted suicide" ...) This may carry more of a 'surprise' than Nobama planned upon.

And, there goes the mainstay of the 'checks and balances' - we will have a left-wing Democratic President, supported by a left-wing Democratically-controlled Congress, doing all kinds of left-wing, not-particularly-good-for-average-working-class-Americans (how's that for a long hyphenant?) things. Like having the U.S. Border Patrol passing out "Get Out of Jail Free" cards along our southern border, outsourcing your job to Bangalore India, increasing welfare allowances while simultaneously eroding Social Security. The socialist grasshopper will be in the White House (which he will probably rename) redistributing the earnings of all the hardworking ants to all the lazy, socialist grasshopper constituents who put him in office. The sad part is, that WE will have gotten the government we deserved, rather than the government we needed. Smoke and mirrors, mirrors and smoke, elect Obama and watch us go broke.

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