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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Into the Blogosphere We Go ~ Will We Make It Back?

I've been playing with this blog for a couple of months now, using it mainly as a venting tool for my concerns about the upcoming election. There are many other things that concern me in this life, but who is in control of our country is right at the top of my list ... as it should be for ALL Americans!

If the liberals take control, we are doomed to economic failure, political corruption, increased crime, and, from a practical standpoint, the dissolution of our legal system.

If the conservatives take control, we are only going to have to face continued political corruption. This seems like a no-brainer to me!

The truth, as I see it, is this: neither party has fielded an exemplary candidate for the highest elected office in the land. One is totally ignorant of what's really going on in the world, and has a highly questionable affinity for this nation and our culture. The other is unquestionably a patriot, but is not a young man, and has battled cancer 4 times - and he has WON!

But, as I have said before, I'm getting campaign burn-out. It seems to be the only thing on the news these days - Obama this, Mccain that, Palin the other. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about it! Oh yeah, that, and the faltering economy - which is also being used as a political ping -pong ball. The Democratically controlled Congress blames the President and the Republicans, and the Republicans blame the Democrats who control the purse strings of the country. The Blame Game goes on forever ... when will somebody start playing the Fix It Game? The alienation and competitiveness between the two parties, is detrimental to the overall welfare of our country! When will those freeloading, tax-paid morons realize that fact, and act for the good of the people, not just the party?

What has happened since the days when public service of this type was a voluntary thing - when dedicated people entered public service because they wanted to see the country thrive, grow and prosper? It won't do any of those things in a socialist environment. We were not founded as a country of entitlements - which is what we will become if Obama gets elected. The only entitlements here are the entitlement to opportunities and equal treatment. Notice that I said EQUAL ... not 'special'. Yet many groups and individuals think they are entitled to more benefits than those promised to ALL by our Constitution. And, the ACLU is working toward getting them that special 'Protected Class' designation, in conjunction with our liberal, activist federal judges.

These are the same judges who seem to think child molesters and baby rapers are just misunderstood, and they should get minimal sentences ... if ANY! Do they not care for the welfare of our children, or are they just stupid? Those criminals who prey upon children have the highest of all recidivism rates. Why? Because their targets are defenseless and innocent, and the punishment, if caught, is next to nothing! Granted, our prisons are operating at and above maximum capacity, but there are ways to correct that without releasing the worst of all criminals. One way would be to start shuffling prisoners around, creating several 'Super-Max' prisons in remote parts of the country, housing the worst of the worst. Like the desert lands of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, New Mexico, California, or the tundra of Alaska's wilderness - all of which would be located at least 50 miles from the nearest rock! Or - better yet - on islands! Or both! San Quentin could be rehabilitated for use, even if the people sent there couldn't.

Instead of releasing violent and sexual predators, we could release 'white collar' criminals - embezzlers, for example. Pickpockets aren't generally violent, so we could release them ... along with petty thieves, car thieves, tax evaders, etc. Anybody that has committed a crime against property (short of arson and/or incendiary and explosive devices), or non-violent crimes against persons and/or business entities, should be the ones released to make room for those convicted of more serious crimes against the public! We do not need to flood the country with hard-core criminals. We could even empty our prisons death rows, by simply executing those who have been sentenced to die, instead of feeding, clothing, housing, and seeing to their medical needs - for an average of 18 years before the sentence is actually carried out! Give them 3 years to make their appeals, and if they are unsuccessful in that amount of time ... then put out their lights.

That's just the way I see things! I could be wrong ....................................... but, I'm not!


Burt Shane said...

if "liberals" take control there will be a rise in crime? based on what evidence? and who exactly are the "liberals"? certainly not obama who is economically right wing and authoritarian when it comes to social issues. mccain may consider himself a "patriot" - he is also a longtime neo-con. why is it that you are only a "patriot" if you hate most americans, because they aren't good enough, moral enough, rich enough, white enough, etc?

Gil said...

Burt, you need to focus! I know it must be hard to see through your Stevie Wonder glasses, but you apparently didn't read the whole post. "Who are the liberals?", you ask. Well, besides you, they are the liberal judges who issue little penalty for all but the most severe crimes, and legislate from the bench as we have seen time and again.
The increase in crime comes from criminals believing that IF they get caught and prosecuted, the other bleeding-heart liberals will protest their conviction, the ACLU will provide their appeal, and they will serve negligible time in jail or prison.
NObama is worse than just liberal. He's a dyed in the wool socialist, who wishes to increase taxes so our government can fund more giveaway programs for those who are not willing to EARN a living. As for your statement about "hate" ... GET A GRIP! Where is YOUR "evidence" for those claims? From your dress in your photo you look like somebody who actually does work to earn a living. When your income taxes skyrocket, come back again and tell me how wonderful NObama-ism is.