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Friday, June 18, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blues...

Here's the crux of the Gulf oil spill problem - it's a first-time event. NOBODY has drilled at those depths before, and NOBODY was prepared for an ecological disaster of anywhere NEAR this magnitude.
Q. Why were they drilling 40 miles out to sea at that depth?
A. Because the "greenies" got a moratorium placed on off-shore drilling. The funny thing about oceans is the further toward the middle you get, the deeper the water gets.
Q. Isn't there a law about safety requirements including fire boats, auto shut-off valves, etc?
A. Yes. There has been a law on our books since 1984 requiring fire boats and skimmers to be on-site where drilling is being performed - apparently our government doesn't enforce those laws when the correct palms are "greased".
Q. Whose fault is it?
A. Everybody and nobody. Shit happens, even when your plans say no.

The Administration pussy-footed around for more than SIX WEEKS before really getting "involved " - even to the minor extent which they are now "involved". Our government rejected offer of help made 3 days after the spill began, and is CURRENTLY (as in STILL) REJECTING SUCH OFFERS!

And now - FINALLY - the Obama administration wants to appear as if they are "in command" and have a plan. BS! It took Obama almost two months to even talk with Tony Hayward, BP's CEO, and then - according to the media - Hayward was "summoned" to the White House. Hayward should have told Obama he was busy managing the cleanup effort... and to "go pack sand".

I have a dog whose leadership abilities equal (or exceed) those of Barack Hussein Obama. Perhaps Obama should "organize" the cleanup effort - it's the only area in which he has experience. Never wade in water that's deeper than you are tall.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mexico anger high as US Border Patrol kills teen...

So reads the Associated Press Headline. The News article seems to be attempting to report the facts without editorializing - which is highly unusual for the lamestream media. Among those facts is the following "U.S. authorities said Tuesday a Border Patrol Agent was defending himself and colleagues when he fatally shot the 15-year-old as officers came under a barrage of big stones while trying to detain illegal immigrants on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande."

As sad as the unnecessary loss of any life is, the unnecessary loss of a life not yet lived is even worse. But... here's the "bottom line" as I see it, based upon the information contained in the AP article:
a. The young man was with a large group attempting to violate our southern border and enter the country illegally.
b. The group did breach our border and was in the United States of America without undergoing due process.
c. When confronted with Border Patrol Agents, the group chose to hurl "big stones" at the officers.
d. Flying stones are potentially impact weapons, and impact weapons striking a human being in the right place with enough force can kill a person just as dead as a rifle or pistol round. The bigger the stones, the greater the impact.
e. The Border Patrol Agents were in fear of their lives. At least one officer fired his weapon rather than wait and see if he - or one of his fellow agents - was killed, maimed, blinded or otherwise seriously injured before opening fire.
f. A young Mexican was mortally wounded, and the group of illegal entrants retreated to the Mexico side of the river.

Could this tragedy have been avoided? How?? Quite easily... Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka could have stayed in Mexico with his loving family and friends, and awakened in his bed on Tuesday morning, rather than lying dead on the banks of the Rio Grande River Monday evening.

To make matters worse, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said Tuesday that his government "will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants." Here's the deal Felipe - if you want to protect the rights of Mexicans keep them on your side of the border! And they are not "migrants". Once they enter the USA illegally they are CRIMINALS! Build a fence on your side of the river Jefe. Put your soldiers along your side of the border, esse. Keep your citizens within the confines of your country and they will remain as safe as they can be... considering they're still in Mexico.

Hey, Felipe... stop your whiny-ass fault-finding in our actions and ask yourself one question - "Why do my people keep trying to leave our country and sneak into the USA?" Make your own country a better, safer place to live, you hypocrite, and then...

I'm sure that your criticism of our country is emboldened by our own "president's" lack of respect for his Constitutional responsibility to protect our country and it's citizens. But, most people over the age of 6 years in this country understand the meaning of the word "illegal", and that illegal acts are punishable. Assaulting a federal officer is just one of those punishable acts.
a. It is not our fault that your economy is in the dumper even deeper than our own.
b. It is not our fault that your government is even more corrupt than our own.
c. It is not our fault that your people would rather risk death sneaking into the United States than live in the squalor of Mexico.
d. The blame for the mass exodus from Mexico lies not with the people of the United States, but with the non-responsive U.S. government, which continues to turn a deaf ear to the demands of it's citizens to SECURE OUR BORDERS!
Never fear though... Emperor Obama will probably have the Border Patrol Agent executed for protecting our border. He certainly wouldn't want to do anything to upset the 12,000,000-
of your countrymen living here illegally that might vote for him in 2012.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Do NOT Read Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic or any other foreign language...

I do NOT read Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic or any other foreign language well enough to edit comments. If comments are made in any language other than English they will be summarily rejected. Having received numerous comments in foreign languages - most notably Chinese - I sincerely appreciate your interest, but I cannot accept/post any comments that I cannot read. (They could say something really horrible!)

If you are not an American, but you can read English well enough to leave comments, please leave them in English. Thank you for stopping by and attempting to leave comments.

First Chancellor of the Confused Inquiry

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The World Economic Collapse Explained In Under 3 Minutes!

Believe it or not, the world economic crisis actually does encompass more than just your immediate household income. Unfortunately, your personal economic crisis is the only one you can do anything about... and there's really nothing you can do about it. So, how did we get into this mess, and exactly what is the "mess" that we are in?

Okay, there's nothing up my sleeves, and I have here in front of you three walnut shells and one pea. Your job is to keep your eye on the pea... and here we go!

Did I just see one of those cartoon light bulbs above your head... or are you totally confused now? Does the procedure they explained sound familiar to you? The International Monetary Fund is nothing more than a clearing house for meaningless paper. The entire world seems to have entered into an informal, unstated agreement to accept IOU's as negotiable currency.

What is the main cause of Europe's financial crisis? The single currency called the "euro". Yes, it was convenient to be able to travel though out most of Europe without having to worry about exchange rates, without having to deal with multiple unfamiliar currencies or having to do currency conversions in your head to insure you weren't being ripped off. The euro was initially used for non-cash transactions between banks. Personally, I was surprised the euro stayed strong for as long as it did. It was a good thing there were a few fairly healthy economies involved from the outset, or the euro wouldn't have survived my 18 month expectation. In fact, in September of 2000, the European Central Bank (ECB) had to intervene to prop up the failing euro, which had lost 30% of it's value in less than 20 months. In January of 2002 the first euro banknotes and coins were released to the 12 participating European Union nations for use as currency, and by March 1st, 2002 the euro was the only legal tender in those 12 countries. The EU has since increased to a total of 15 member nations.

What do those nations have in common - other than financial hard times? They are socialist countries. As laughable as the comedy routine above may be, it is an accurate representation of just how the world is responding to this financial crisis. And, as long as the banks of the world are in agreement on the process, it can continue - and possibly even be successful. Why? Because "currency" is what "we" determine it to be. Currency has only the value which we assign to it, whether it has intrinsic value or not. One society used rocks with holes drilled in them as currency, another used woodpecker scalps, and another used porpoise teeth as their medium of exchange for goods and services.

For some strange reason, our current one-term President seems to admire the way the Europeans do things, and desires to remake the United States in their image - the type of governance against which our forefathers and founders fought in order to to extricate themselves from under the rule of tyranny. Our Constitution was designed in such a way as to insure our sovereignty and our God-given rights and freedoms were protected.

As the poet Dylan Thomas once wrote:
"Do not go gentle into that good night.
, rage against the dying of the light."

In our case, the light that is dying is from the lamp of freedom, and those that would extinguish it are among us!
The freedoms that are worth fighting for are the same freedoms that make it easy for those who would do our nation harm.


Rue McClanaham passed away this morning at approximately 1a.m. Ms. McClanahan was probably best known to most of us as "Blanche Devereaux" of the hilariously funny The Golden Girls series of the 1980's. Rue's character was one that would have been described as a "free soul" in the mid-1900's.
The ensemble cast of The Golden Girls was obviously selected by a theatrical casting genius. It is extremely rare to find a combination of personalities and talents that can work the kind of on-screen magic that Rue McClanahan, Beatrice Arthur, Estelle Getty, and Betty White produced.

McClanahan's open sexuality, combined with Getty's acid-tongued judgments of the others, Betty White's portrayal of the semi-conscious, "lights are on but..." Rose Nylund, and Bea Arthur's role as the level headed peacekeeper could put those who watched the show on the floor!
Although it would be a very tough call, I'd have to say that The Golden Girls was THE funniest television sitcom ever produced - outstripping All In The Family, and even the riotous I Love Lucy.

Thank you, Rue. Thanks for all the belly laughs you brought to us in the high camp role of Blanche Devereaux. And at 88 (and one-half) years of age, as the only surviving member of the cast... Betty White, HANG IN THERE BABY!