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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blues...

Here's the crux of the Gulf oil spill problem - it's a first-time event. NOBODY has drilled at those depths before, and NOBODY was prepared for an ecological disaster of anywhere NEAR this magnitude.
Q. Why were they drilling 40 miles out to sea at that depth?
A. Because the "greenies" got a moratorium placed on off-shore drilling. The funny thing about oceans is the further toward the middle you get, the deeper the water gets.
Q. Isn't there a law about safety requirements including fire boats, auto shut-off valves, etc?
A. Yes. There has been a law on our books since 1984 requiring fire boats and skimmers to be on-site where drilling is being performed - apparently our government doesn't enforce those laws when the correct palms are "greased".
Q. Whose fault is it?
A. Everybody and nobody. Shit happens, even when your plans say no.

The Administration pussy-footed around for more than SIX WEEKS before really getting "involved " - even to the minor extent which they are now "involved". Our government rejected offer of help made 3 days after the spill began, and is CURRENTLY (as in STILL) REJECTING SUCH OFFERS!

And now - FINALLY - the Obama administration wants to appear as if they are "in command" and have a plan. BS! It took Obama almost two months to even talk with Tony Hayward, BP's CEO, and then - according to the media - Hayward was "summoned" to the White House. Hayward should have told Obama he was busy managing the cleanup effort... and to "go pack sand".

I have a dog whose leadership abilities equal (or exceed) those of Barack Hussein Obama. Perhaps Obama should "organize" the cleanup effort - it's the only area in which he has experience. Never wade in water that's deeper than you are tall.

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