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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mexico anger high as US Border Patrol kills teen...

So reads the Associated Press Headline. The News article seems to be attempting to report the facts without editorializing - which is highly unusual for the lamestream media. Among those facts is the following "U.S. authorities said Tuesday a Border Patrol Agent was defending himself and colleagues when he fatally shot the 15-year-old as officers came under a barrage of big stones while trying to detain illegal immigrants on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande."

As sad as the unnecessary loss of any life is, the unnecessary loss of a life not yet lived is even worse. But... here's the "bottom line" as I see it, based upon the information contained in the AP article:
a. The young man was with a large group attempting to violate our southern border and enter the country illegally.
b. The group did breach our border and was in the United States of America without undergoing due process.
c. When confronted with Border Patrol Agents, the group chose to hurl "big stones" at the officers.
d. Flying stones are potentially impact weapons, and impact weapons striking a human being in the right place with enough force can kill a person just as dead as a rifle or pistol round. The bigger the stones, the greater the impact.
e. The Border Patrol Agents were in fear of their lives. At least one officer fired his weapon rather than wait and see if he - or one of his fellow agents - was killed, maimed, blinded or otherwise seriously injured before opening fire.
f. A young Mexican was mortally wounded, and the group of illegal entrants retreated to the Mexico side of the river.

Could this tragedy have been avoided? How?? Quite easily... Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka could have stayed in Mexico with his loving family and friends, and awakened in his bed on Tuesday morning, rather than lying dead on the banks of the Rio Grande River Monday evening.

To make matters worse, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said Tuesday that his government "will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants." Here's the deal Felipe - if you want to protect the rights of Mexicans keep them on your side of the border! And they are not "migrants". Once they enter the USA illegally they are CRIMINALS! Build a fence on your side of the river Jefe. Put your soldiers along your side of the border, esse. Keep your citizens within the confines of your country and they will remain as safe as they can be... considering they're still in Mexico.

Hey, Felipe... stop your whiny-ass fault-finding in our actions and ask yourself one question - "Why do my people keep trying to leave our country and sneak into the USA?" Make your own country a better, safer place to live, you hypocrite, and then...

I'm sure that your criticism of our country is emboldened by our own "president's" lack of respect for his Constitutional responsibility to protect our country and it's citizens. But, most people over the age of 6 years in this country understand the meaning of the word "illegal", and that illegal acts are punishable. Assaulting a federal officer is just one of those punishable acts.
a. It is not our fault that your economy is in the dumper even deeper than our own.
b. It is not our fault that your government is even more corrupt than our own.
c. It is not our fault that your people would rather risk death sneaking into the United States than live in the squalor of Mexico.
d. The blame for the mass exodus from Mexico lies not with the people of the United States, but with the non-responsive U.S. government, which continues to turn a deaf ear to the demands of it's citizens to SECURE OUR BORDERS!
Never fear though... Emperor Obama will probably have the Border Patrol Agent executed for protecting our border. He certainly wouldn't want to do anything to upset the 12,000,000-
of your countrymen living here illegally that might vote for him in 2012.

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