Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I believe that rather than the GOP actually "winning" the mid-terms, the Democrats "lost" the mid-terms because of Obama's so-called "policies". Many - if not MOST - of those policies were the antithesis of what the people really wanted... including those who previously supported Obama. Even the "party faithful" could no longer bring themselves to blindly support the radical left's agenda, and rather than cast a ballot for a Republican candidate, they simply didn't go to the polls on November 4th. Obama's pledge to unilaterally bring about unwanted and unneeded changes in "immigration reform" (amnesty) was undoubtedly a BIG factor.
Another factor was his administrations failure to tighten border controls and enforce our existing immigration laws. It is quite possible that this cavalier attitude toward immigration control has permitted hundreds (according to some reports) of Islamic terrorists to enter our country EACH DAY without detection. The primary goal of the "Anointed One" is to do as much irreparable damage to our country as he possibly can in the next 27 months. He sees his actions as a fitting punishment for what he sees as our "crimes" against his people... for which he gets an "Amen" from his appointed anti-American Cabinet members.
Obama - and his remaining supporters - also seem to believe that raising the "minimum wage" to $10.10 per hour, will fix the disparity between entry-level wages and the wages earned by the trained and experienced workers. What it WILL do is severely reduce the number of available entry-level jobs, increase unemployment, and elevate the cost of goods and services. This will cause those without work experience to suffer from the competition created by hundreds of applicants for every job available. The experienced employees who were making $10 per hour will then be asking for $15 per hour, and so forth on up the line.
That "Big Mac" will cost us $8, and the drinks will be $3. That electrician or plumber you need to call, will be asking $125 per hour for his time. Coffee will jump from about $4 per pound to $6 per pound. The bottom line, is that employers WILL NOT eat the increased costs of doing business - they WILL PASS IT ALONG TO THE CONSUMERS!

Where they can, jobs will be replaced by machines... machines that will do the repetitive work more efficiently and more accurately, with no paid vacations, sick days or other benefits. All analysis, planning, scheduling and most management functions will be done by computers.
Who then, WILL benefit from bumping up the minimum wage? Our government will, since entry-level workers will not only get a big pay increase, they will also be able to enjoy moving up several tax brackets, which will probably negate any real pay increase. China and the third world countries will benefit, because the only things that working/retired Americans will be able to afford will come from those countries. They may not be particularly well-made, but they will be affordable... unless the bottom drops out of the US$. This is very likely inasmuch as our government continues to print "fiat currency" as if there was something behind it.

Meanwhile, the Chinese continue to press for adoption of the Yuan to replace the US$ as the world's "reserve currency", which is used in international commerce. CNBC reports: "The tightly controlled Chinese Yuan will eventually supersede the dollar as the top international reserve currency, according to a new poll of institutional investors." What will happen to the crippled US dollar then? Possibly the same thing that happened to the Zimbabwean dollar several years back - an inflation rate of 200%-1000% per day, and a loaf of bread at inflation's peak cost $Z1,000,000.
Only fiscal and social conservatism can reverse the decline of the United States of America. The question is, does the Republican majority in Congress have the courage to make the hard decisions, or will the GOP remain a pale reflection of the DemonRats?
That's my 2¢ worth...