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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Edward Snowden - American Hero or American Traitor?

Edward Snowden, as a result of his own actions, is at present living the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal", in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. If he has provided anyone outside the USA with classified information regarding techniques and technology, he is indeed a TRAITOR. If he has only disclosed the fact of US spying - which is an activity engaged in by ALL countries, and ALL countries are aware that it is a global practice - then he is not a traitor - just something less than a "hero". His status right now is a bit muddy in my mind. My initial impression when he leaked the story in the USA was, "Hero!", because I believe that We the People have the right to know when our OWN government is spying upon us. Our government is the servant, not the master! For the Obama administration, it adds just one more "end-run" to the never-ending succession of circumventions of our Constitution! But, I digress from my topic...

However, Snowden then began his World Tour of Countries Which Are Not Amicably Disposed Toward The United States of America. Undoubtedly, these countries were well-aware that they were being spied upon by each other and the rest of the world, which made me wonder if he was giving away information that would be SEVERELY damaging to the international and intelligence efforts or the USA.

"Embarrassing information" is not a BFD - embarrassment is basically a "no foul-no harm" condition. Our biggest embarrassment is Barack Obama and the merry band of Commies he appointed to powerful agency offices and his cabinet. It demonstrates OUR inability to make good, sound decisions. However, his inability (or is it disinterest?) to perform his Constitutional duties as POTUS - to the benefit of the We the People - is MUCH more dangerous. Obama and his co-conspirators are working to the DETRIMENT of our nation. Why is there such a hue and cry for Snowden's head, when those in government who are calling for Snowden's punishment are EQUALLY GUILTY of treasonous acts against the interests of the United State of America? Perhaps a few politicians in D.C. had plans of making some "political hay" by releasing similar information themselves during the 2014 Senate race, and Edward Snowden spoiled that opportunity for them. Regardless of any future plans for the information, the "leakage" did create a distraction from the scandals plaguing the Obama administration (Benghazi, Patient Affordable Care Act [aka: Obamacare], IRS, Fast and Furious, drones, etc... Our nation was established on less than 20 sheets of paper - Obamacare alone is now at more than 20,000 pages, including associated regulations, weighs about 24 pounds, and is a stack of paper 7'3" high). What's wrong with THAT picture?

By comparison, Edward Snowden is a relative minnow when compared to the Moby-Dick whale composing the inner-circle of the Obama administration! Punishing ONE traitor(?), should necessitate punishing ALL traitors!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Thus read the headline on the Yahoo News AP article by Julie Watson this morning, and here's the deal...
"Two brothers who worked as Border Patrol agents were sentenced to at least 30 years in prison each for smuggling hundreds of immigrants into the United States, crimes that the judge termed a threat to national security." "...Judge Houston said he gave the severe sentences to deter other agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border. The judge called their smuggling operation "disgusting."

How about we sentence Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and His Highness Barack I to the same prison terms? THEY permit such actions by NOT ENFORCING our immigration laws, and by discouraging BP Agents from doing so. THEY are complicit in the "crimes that the judge termed a threat to national security", and THEY are the primary "agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border." THEY are the ones who want not only to PERMIT illegal aliens to remain in the country, but the ones who wish to REWARD them for violating our laws.

Why is our "National Guard" being dispatched to the middle east, when the NATION is here? Shouldn't the "National Guard" be directly involved in guarding the nation, as the name implies? And it seems to me that the Border Patrol Agents in general, must be a bit confused. Seven years ago two BP Agents were imprisoned for DOING their job (the Compean and Ramos injustice), and now two more imprisoned for doing what the administration now claims is the right thing to do! Talk about a "mixed message". And now - according to the latest version of the "Immigration Bill" - the government wants to hire 20,000 more BP Agents to do exactly WHAT? Ignore people entering the country illegally?

Obama, Holder and Napolitano are the BIGGEST threats to national security, if one considers that We the People are those who COMPOSE "the nation", and each day the administration nibbles away a bit more of the Bill of Rights... while Congress sits quietly doing nothing to stop them.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Major" Nidal Hasan asks for a further 3 month delay in his trial for premeditated murder at Fort Hood, TX!

His trial was set to begin last month when Hasan, 42, requested to go to trial acting as his own attorney. He initially told the court he would be able to proceed with no delay, but he asked for a three-month delay just minutes after presiding judge Col. Tara Osborn granted his request.
Hasan has since told the court he targeted soldiers who were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.

Hasan has said he will attempt to justify the killing of 13 people on post in 2009 with a “defense of others” strategy. Those "others" are the Taliban!

To paraphrase Sun Tzu, "The ally of my enemy is my enemy." Hasan murdered - in cold blood - 13 unarmed American soldiers, and wounded 32 others! His "defense of others" claim makes him also guilty of treason, by taking arms against the U.S. protect an enemy. As Ben Franklin once said regarding legal proceedings, "A person who represents himself has a fool for a client."

This particular fool has already had 3½ YEARS of delays, and is being allowed to make a mockery of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, under which he will - someday perhaps - be tried. My attitude is quite basic - TRY HIM AND FRY HIM! If you think that's barbaric, so be it, but the facts are quite simple - 
1. Civilian police responded to a call (maybe the MP's didn't know what to do) at the Fort Hood Army Installation.
2. When they arrived at the scene, they were fired upon by the only person in the vicinity with firearms.
3. Police returned fire, seriously injuring their attacker.
4. When the opportunity presented itself, they surveyed the room and found 45 people shot, 13 of whom were dead.
5. The person firing upon the police was "Major" Nidal Hasan. Inasmuch as there was no other person in the immediate area holding weapons or firing upon police, Hasan was arrested.  He was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, and 32 counts of attempted murder... MORE THAN 43 MONTHS AGO!
6. He apparently has not denied the charges, but his "defense of others" is nothing less than an admission of guilt. Basically, he is saying, "I did it, but I should be forgiven because I did it in the defense of others." How many Taliban were under attack in that room on 9 November 2009? Oh.. none? Using Hasan's reasoning, we should now kill ALL Muslims, wherever we find them, because the Taliban are Muslims, and the Taliban kill Americans. How monumentally STUPID is that line of reasoning? Yet the Army is entertaining Hasan's request. Proof positive that, "A person who represents himself has a fool for a client."

While incarcerated awaiting trial, Hasan has violated Army regulations by growing a beard. He could be tried under the UCMJ for that, while his other trial date is pending resolution. He should have been reduced in rank to that of E-1, and all pay and allowances forfeited. Was he? No. Instead, Hasan has accumulated over $248,000 in pay and allowances during that period! This is TAXPAYER MONEY - and IT CONTINUES TO ACCRUE IN HIS ACCOUNT TODAY!

Maybe Obama will make him a "Senior Adviser on Islamic Protective Affairs", so he can invoke "Executive Privilege", and not be tried at all. God save us from our own stupidity and the insanity of Political Correctness!