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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Thus read the headline on the Yahoo News AP article by Julie Watson this morning, and here's the deal...
"Two brothers who worked as Border Patrol agents were sentenced to at least 30 years in prison each for smuggling hundreds of immigrants into the United States, crimes that the judge termed a threat to national security." "...Judge Houston said he gave the severe sentences to deter other agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border. The judge called their smuggling operation "disgusting."

How about we sentence Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and His Highness Barack I to the same prison terms? THEY permit such actions by NOT ENFORCING our immigration laws, and by discouraging BP Agents from doing so. THEY are complicit in the "crimes that the judge termed a threat to national security", and THEY are the primary "agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border." THEY are the ones who want not only to PERMIT illegal aliens to remain in the country, but the ones who wish to REWARD them for violating our laws.

Why is our "National Guard" being dispatched to the middle east, when the NATION is here? Shouldn't the "National Guard" be directly involved in guarding the nation, as the name implies? And it seems to me that the Border Patrol Agents in general, must be a bit confused. Seven years ago two BP Agents were imprisoned for DOING their job (the Compean and Ramos injustice), and now two more imprisoned for doing what the administration now claims is the right thing to do! Talk about a "mixed message". And now - according to the latest version of the "Immigration Bill" - the government wants to hire 20,000 more BP Agents to do exactly WHAT? Ignore people entering the country illegally?

Obama, Holder and Napolitano are the BIGGEST threats to national security, if one considers that We the People are those who COMPOSE "the nation", and each day the administration nibbles away a bit more of the Bill of Rights... while Congress sits quietly doing nothing to stop them.

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