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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Edward Snowden - American Hero or American Traitor?

Edward Snowden, as a result of his own actions, is at present living the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal", in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. If he has provided anyone outside the USA with classified information regarding techniques and technology, he is indeed a TRAITOR. If he has only disclosed the fact of US spying - which is an activity engaged in by ALL countries, and ALL countries are aware that it is a global practice - then he is not a traitor - just something less than a "hero". His status right now is a bit muddy in my mind. My initial impression when he leaked the story in the USA was, "Hero!", because I believe that We the People have the right to know when our OWN government is spying upon us. Our government is the servant, not the master! For the Obama administration, it adds just one more "end-run" to the never-ending succession of circumventions of our Constitution! But, I digress from my topic...

However, Snowden then began his World Tour of Countries Which Are Not Amicably Disposed Toward The United States of America. Undoubtedly, these countries were well-aware that they were being spied upon by each other and the rest of the world, which made me wonder if he was giving away information that would be SEVERELY damaging to the international and intelligence efforts or the USA.

"Embarrassing information" is not a BFD - embarrassment is basically a "no foul-no harm" condition. Our biggest embarrassment is Barack Obama and the merry band of Commies he appointed to powerful agency offices and his cabinet. It demonstrates OUR inability to make good, sound decisions. However, his inability (or is it disinterest?) to perform his Constitutional duties as POTUS - to the benefit of the We the People - is MUCH more dangerous. Obama and his co-conspirators are working to the DETRIMENT of our nation. Why is there such a hue and cry for Snowden's head, when those in government who are calling for Snowden's punishment are EQUALLY GUILTY of treasonous acts against the interests of the United State of America? Perhaps a few politicians in D.C. had plans of making some "political hay" by releasing similar information themselves during the 2014 Senate race, and Edward Snowden spoiled that opportunity for them. Regardless of any future plans for the information, the "leakage" did create a distraction from the scandals plaguing the Obama administration (Benghazi, Patient Affordable Care Act [aka: Obamacare], IRS, Fast and Furious, drones, etc... Our nation was established on less than 20 sheets of paper - Obamacare alone is now at more than 20,000 pages, including associated regulations, weighs about 24 pounds, and is a stack of paper 7'3" high). What's wrong with THAT picture?

By comparison, Edward Snowden is a relative minnow when compared to the Moby-Dick whale composing the inner-circle of the Obama administration! Punishing ONE traitor(?), should necessitate punishing ALL traitors!

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