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Monday, July 1, 2013

THIRD PARTY POLITICS - is it finally TIME? The Government Serves the People...

Some people see the citizen-government relationship as it SHOULD BE (the government is the servant of the people) not as it really is (the government is the servant of big business and big money). And, if the Demoncrap socialists are successful in the 2014 Senatorial mid-terms, and succeed once again in 2016, we are totally effed. We need a conservative voter uprising! No Black Panthers with clubs at the polling places. Politically-balanced voting machine certification, politically balanced vote counters, and NO SEIU INVOLVEMENT, NO UNION POLL WATCHERS, and NO DEAD, COMIC BOOK/CARTOON CHARACTERS, or NON-CITIZEN voters casting ballots.

A VIABLE Third Party is the only way to give voters a real choice, since Demoncraps and Republicants are no longer opposite sides of the same coin - they are both on the edge of the political coin. There has been no distinguishable difference between their platforms in almost three decades. Yet, in order to be viable, a 3P candidate must have a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZABLE name (in a positive sense). There are only a handful who meet that standard. Allen West and Sarah Palin are two names that immediately come to mind, with Utah Senator Mike Lee coming in at a close third. (Senator Lee has shown the courage to vociferously - and publicly - speak out against several of Obama's UN-American - engineered for the continued failure of our country - schemes.)

There will be many who refuse to give up their "straight party ticket", and vote as they have done all their adult lives, without regard for what is best for the continued survival and successful growth of our nation. There will still be the "What's in it for me?" voter, the single-issue voter, and the low-to-no-information (politically unconscious) voter swayed by "pie-in-the-sky" promises. These conditions will be difficult to overcome, and I'm not sure We the People are quite ready for a Third Party... but we damn-well SHOULD BE!

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