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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Racism - Preserved And Fed By Government And Media For Political Profit!

The "legal" separation of the races that compose the USA, technically ended in 1968. Unfortunately, some folks couldn't reject a concept that their daddies, and their daddies daddies (etc, etc), had held onto as the single social indicator that they themselves were not on the bottom rung of the ladder of success. That personal philosophy justified individual racism... int their minds. However, without "racism" - real or imagined - the minorities in our country would no longer be able to complain about their role as "victim". There has been social discrimination since the beginning of the human race, and it will continue to exist through at least a couple of more generations. It is the humanized version of the old saw - "birds of a feather...". There are weak personalities (and minds), black, white, brown, etc., that cannot let go of their personal prejudices, whether they have any basis in reality or not.

The evil and dreaded "N" word is no longer PC... but NOTHING has been said about the derisive terms "honky, whitey, ofay, cracker, etc." Apparently, racism is a single-edged sword that only cuts one way, and MUST be wielded only by the Caucasians of our country. The Black Panthers and the "Nation of Islam" LOVE whitey... don't they? (<-- p="" sarcasm="">
Blacks are not genetically designed in such a way that they are prejudice free, but they have overworked the "racial victim" role, and they have done so with the full support of our government. OPEN-ENDED WELFARE is our government's design to keep blacks (and "po' white trash") dependent upon the government. If the government can keep people dependent upon them for supplying their basic (and MANY more-than-basic) needs, then the recipients will sacrifice their freedoms to maintain the continuous flow of those freebies. Welfare does NOT give the recipient a "hand up"... it is a foot on the back of the recipients neck - a tool of oppression and compliance. We have 5th and 6th generation welfare families in this country - they have turned welfare into THE FAMILY BUSINESS! Welfare should only be a "bridge" between dependence and independence, between consumption and productivity, and between indolence and industriousness.

I was raised with a work ethic - which, simply stated was, "If you don't work, you don't eat!" I still recall the lesson of Aesop's fable, "The Grasshopper and the Ant", and today Americans are almost 50% GRASSHOPPERS, and unemployment grows daily. What will happen when there are more people living off the labors of others than there are people actively laboring? There are only so many Congressional Seats (seats of PRIVILEGE, who vote their own raises, and can exempt themselves from any law that is deemed detrimental to them - like Obamacare).

My attitude is that "What's fair for one, should be fair for ALL". My attitude DOES NOT entitle our elected officials to vote on their own pay raises, or to exclude themselves from any law that applies to the public at large. Pay raises and benefit packages should be by public referendum, and the laws that effect one MUST have the same effect upon ALL! That's my worth...

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