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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Understanding Obama's Actions... from MY Perspective

It seems that many people either don't understand Oblamer's background and training, and automatically assume that he is "stupid". First of all he was ostensibly "elected" to the office by a majority of voters, and with the blessings of the Electoral College. This says more about the ignorance of our voters than it does about Oblamer. It also assumes that the election was FAIR, and that those 100% Obama precincts in various parts of the country, were NOT an indication of voter fraud or systemic corruption. Two really BIG assumptions!

Oblamer, as are we all, is a product of both nurture and nature. He was raised in a family of Communist/Socialist/Marxists. His father was an anti-western Muslim, and Oblamer attended Muslim schools during his formative years. He was mentored by the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Frank Marshall Davis (anti-white, anti-American Communist). The anti-white, anti-American, anti-western, anti-capitalist authority figures continued through his higher education, as well. These included professor Edward Said at Columbia, a spokesman for Palestinian terrorists, and professor Derrick Bell at the Harvard Law School. Bell was an advocate of “critical race theory” — an uncritical mishmash of notions by a man who said that he saw his role as deliberately annoying white people. When he entered politics, he was embraced by William Ayers - a domestic terrorist who planted bombs in public places, including the Pentagon. Ayers hosted fundraisers for Oblamer.

A critical look at his background makes it crystal clear that what many, if not MOST people see as mistakes and failed policies, are actually SUCCESSES to Oblamer. Each 'error' is carefully crafted based upon what is a foreign ideology to most Americans. His goal is to embarrass us internationally and destroy our economy, reducing the United States to the poverty level of some third-world, Banana Republic... like his birthplace of Kenya!

Oblamer is a charlatan, a conman, a snake-oil salesman... or, in a single word, a POLITICIAN. He is also so successful in pulling off those scams, he has become the consummate usurper. Unfortunately, he is also a hardwired Communist/Socialist/Marxist Muslim, who lied his way into the most powerful office in the free world, and is now busying himself with destroying that FREE WORLD. That's my 2¢ worth...