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Monday, October 21, 2013

I Saw an Article Online That Asserted Our President is a Sociopath and a Liar!

A lying politician... how unsurprising! Anybody who doesn't understand that all politicians are liars, shouldn't be allowed to vote. Who we vote for is dependent upon who tells the greatest number of believable lies that are in concert with our personal desires. Obama didn't elect himself, and apparently the majority of American voters (including illegals, cartoon characters and deceased persons) wanted to see our country destroyed, so they voted for an inexperienced, incompetent, non-vetted, America-hating Socialist to be our "president".

Obama's personal short-sightedness and absence of leadership skills, combined with his narcissistic personality, is responsible for our financial ruination at both the governmental and personal levels. The dollars you have in your possession today are worth less than the dollars you had last week. And, raising the debt ceiling makes about as much sense as VISA or MasterCard issuing you another credit card because you maxed-out your other one, and can't afford to pay it off!

To make matters worse, we have a Senate that is controlled by other Socialists who support every idiotic notion that Obama belches at them. The only part of the "Affordable Care Act" that is missing is the AFFORDABLE part of it - that, and the participation of ANY of the members of Congress, the White House, the anointed unions, and the corporate donors of huge sums of money to the UNENDING Obama Campaign Fund (even though he can't run for POTUS again). They have taken a "let them eat cake" attitude toward the rest of us.

Politicians are liars and thieves, which is why Social Security is "in trouble". Beginning in 1935, Americans who are employed have invested in Social Security all their working lives, while Congress has used what initially was a "protected fund", as if it were their own personal Slush Fund since about 1938 - THAT'S why Social Security is "in trouble"! Our government essentially STOLE the money (with which We the People had entrusted them) under color of law! We apparently have some sociopaths in the House and Senate,  as well as the White House, and only a handful of Senators have the guts to tell them, "No, we cannot do that - it is not in our country's best interests!" Meanwhile, the Demonrats present a united front against the internally embattled RINO party (which is so busy hoisting one another on their own petard that they present no semblance of a cohesive organization), and they get everything they demand.

Where are the fiscal and social CONSERVATIVES... those who understand that we cannot remain on the course set by the Obama Administration and it's minions in Congress, without being swept over the Socialist Falls or dashed to pieces upon the Great Communist Reef? Where are those who are willing to take the heat from having loudly proclaimed, "IF OUR REPUBLIC IS TO SURVIVE, WE MUST PUT THE NEEDS OF OUR COUNTRY AND IT'S PEOPLE ABOVE ANY AND ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS!"?  From what I have seen, they are junior Senators in Texas and Utah - who stood up for America with damned little support from their more senior colleagues.

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