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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


UNCONSCIONABLE! Denial of death benefits to the survivors of those who have lost their lives as the result of direction, is simply UNCONSCIONABLE - at least to those who have a conscience!

Obama's Socialist bent is what drives him to do everything he can to anger the American people. His hatred of America and all things American, is what pushes him toward the destruction of our economy and our medical care system. However, the blame is not entirely his, it must be shared by the Congress that gives The Great Usurper almost anything he wants, and those ignorant liberal voters who were seduced by his charisma. The "checks and balances" between the three "branches" of government are quickly atrophying due to non-use.

The American public KNEW Obama had never held a real job in his life, and that he had only been in the U.S. Senate for 144 days, and that his "voting record" was 99% "present"! Yet (or so it appears) enough of them voted for this charlatan to give him the most powerful office in the land.

You may be wondering, as do I, "What the hell is wrong with Americans?" IMNSHO, it is the general loss of America's work ethic by our the last generation - the "Entitlement Generation" - whose attitude is "Because I am here, the government must GIVE to me everything that others have had to work to acquire."

What is wrong with America, is those selfish, indolent liberals who have spawned 5 and 6 generations of "Welfare as the Family Business" offspring, whose ONLY concern during an election is "How many freebies are the candidates promising me?" The only work they care to do is "work the system".

What is wrong with America is we re-elect - time and time again - people who have done nothing to "represent" our interests! There should be no such creature as a RINO in the House or Senate! Elected "Representatives", who do not represent us, should be eliminated after their first term.

What is wrong with America, is that our Congress and the Supreme Court both fail to rebuke the Chief Executive who circumvents/violates our Constitution at every opportunity. They thereby fail to honor their OWN Oaths of Office, and should be removed by their constituents for not doing the job they were elected to perform. The Congress and the Supreme Court WERE the only protections "We the People" had against the abuses of a tyrannical leader. The actions of the Obama Administration is the result of of them NOT doing their jobs.

Sometime between now and November 8, 2016, I fully expect to see the manipulation of the masses (by the Obama administration) to the point that their anger becomes unmistakable. At that time, Obama will declare martial law, suspend the Constitution and and the election, show his true hatred for our country as the Supreme Leader.

The elitists - both D & R - in Congress need to be replaced. They are NOT doing the critical job (at more than 4X the average annual wage of other Americans) for which they were "hired".
 Impeach Obama - and his 535 Congressional co-conspirators!
P.S.  I just heard on the radio, at 1pm, that somebody apparently pointed out to Obama that his action on this issue had made the natives very restless - and suddenly death benefits are reinstated!

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