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Friday, October 11, 2013


The Republican party is slowly vanishing. Not because of a lack of presence, but because of a lack of a well-defined, party-wide identity, resulting in a condition that I call "Political Camouflage".

We the People cannot be expected to support that which we cannot identify. If the STOP sign at an intersection is obscured by trees, drivers cannot logically be expected to stop. Now, compare that STOP sign to both (viable) political parties. Let's look at the House of Representatives as that intersection - the Democrats are the fixed sign that is clearly visible, and the Republicans have a chameleon-like camouflage that allows them to adapt to the Democrats agenda. If the Republicans are indistinguishable from the "Demonrats", where is party number two of the "Two Party System"?

The Republican party (as a group) has strayed much too far from it's conservative roots. It's almost as if they found fiscal and social conservatism to be an embarrassment. An embarrassment so great as to cause them to misguidedly abandon their constituency, apparently thinking they could garner more support from the Demonrats voter base by becoming more like them. The Democrats are (in the main) liberal, Socialist-"progressive", Communist emulators, desiring nothing more than to destroy our Republic, and remake it in the image of Vladimir Lenin's "Soviet Union". As the loyal opposition, the job of the Republicans is to guard the Republic from such destruction! How does one protect something by joining those who attack that thing, or retreating when challenged? The RINOs either lack the courage to stand firm on their convictions, or they lack any convictions whatsoever! The RINOs are a disgrace to the Republican party, and are generally responsible for the loss of party identity and trust in their party.

The Demonrats are the party of choice for the indolent. Those who will not work, love the Giveaway Party. Those who believe that, simply for their presence on this Earth, they are owed something by those of us who do work and pay taxes love the Giveaway Party. The Demonrats are the party of irresponsibility! They want to give people everything they want, as if the government had a source of income independent of the citizen's taxes!  WHICH THEY DON'T!

The Chinese government loves the Demonrat party, because the Demonrats love to spend, spend, spend, and borrow, borrow, borrow. How do the Demonrats compensate for their draining of the Treasury's coffers? By printing more "fiat currency" - money with absolutely nothing behind it except the demands of the government. They apparently don't understand that every fiat dollar printed reduces the value of every dollar We the People have in our wallets and bank accounts! The U.S. dollar has been the "Global Reserve Currency" (the medium of exchange used in international trade) since WWII. There is some degree of international prestige attached to that status, which is now "up for grabs", with the Chinese Yuan as the frontrunner. The Chinese government is therefore more than happy to supply the U.S. Congress more shovels (loans) with which to dig our own economic grave.

The Demonrats are fighting hard to get unlimited amnesty granted to illegal aliens, in the hope that 90+ percent of the 11,000,000-18,000,000 will - out of a sense of gratitude - vote Demonrat for the next several generations. Even in the face of unprecedented citizen unemployment, the Republican party is not presenting a totally committed and united front against such misguided altruism. The Republican's  reluctance to stand united reminds me of President Lincoln's "House Divided" speech - "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Although the speech was in reference to the issue of slavery, it holds true for ANY organization. And the Biblical reference - Matthew 12:25, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand."

The survival of our nation is now dependent upon a single, workable plan - a plan that benefits the United States of America - without regard for benefit to either "party". The Congress needs to adopt the mindset of COUNTRY FIRST! Those who ostensibly "represent the will of the people", need to be responsive to that will. Those who are not responsive must be replaced. The recent recalls of both Senators from Colorado is proof that we can be heard... but we cannot be heard if we fail to speak!
Silence has no place in politics - it is interpreted by those who represent us as affirmation.

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