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Friday, March 22, 2013

"Universal Pre-School" is the Government's Plan...

In his State of the Union address, President "Screwtape" Obama said he wanted to “make high-quality preschool available to every child in America” and “make sure none of our children start the race of life already behind.”

The public education system, along with institutes of "higher learning", has been co-opted by the radical left. This is not anything new, inasmuch as the teachers of today were taught by yesterday's left-wingers (or those teacher's who taught the teachers of yesterday's left wingers). I believe it began in the late 1960's - when the so-called "anti-establishment drug and free-love" sub-culture of the 1960's (or at least those who weren't too stoned to pass their finals) were awarded their teaching certificates. Most of these left-wing liberal-"progressives" went directly to teaching in the public system, many at the K-6 level, and some at the 7-12 level. What's wrong with that?

The public "educational system" has been replaced with the Federal Indoctrination System, replete with  revisionist history (history retold the way the left wishes it had been), political correctness, studies of aberrant sexual behaviors now deemed "normal" by the government, marginalization of Christianity, and other left-wing absurdities. To effectively indoctrinate a body of people, you must begin the process of indoctrination as early in their lives as possible. In "teaching" children in grades K-6, the process is simplest. The political minds of children ages 5-11 are essentially "dry sponges" ready to absorb any liquid in which they are immersed. Whether it be the purest of spring waters, or the liquid waste from the sewers of political belief. "Common Core" education, being forced upon us by the federal government, is the most blatant transference of liquid waste to date.

The goal of Common Core education is absolute and total  indoctrination of the youth of America into the belief that all people should achieve the same rewards for their labors - regardless of education, experience, competence, employment status, or difficulty and/or hazards involved in the performance of those labors. Quite simply put, those slackers who elect to do nothing, should be able to have the same standard of living as those who work 40-80 hours per week. That is the socialist mindset that currently governs and indoctrinates the children of our Republic.

The federal government is not the solution to any educational/social problem - it is source of the problem. "Project Head Start" has been in existence for 50+ years, at the cost of trillions of tax dollars, yet the accomplishments of those who have had access to the program, are no better than those who did not have access. Wasteful effort? Obviously.

Education should be controlled at the state level, not the federal level. State boards of education should determine the content and conduct of the learning process for our children. Our educational emphasis should be on the 3R's, not on "Heather Has Two Mommies" - history, not homosexuality, math not Muslims, and science not (left-wing icon) Sol Alinsky.

Our founders gave us a Constitution designed to benefit those who made the effort to become self-sufficient through apprenticeship (training), self-motivation, and hard work. Our Constitution also was designed to limit areas of our daily lives in which the federal government could involve itself, and - regarding those areas where involvement was permitted - it places further restrictions upon how deeply the government may involve itself. Our founders saw the potential for abuse of power by any governing body, and took steps to minimize the possibility that the federal government could someday seize all power from the people. They insured, through our Constitution that necessary means of recourse would always be available to the citizens, in the body of the Second Amendment - which contains the phrase "shall not be infringed".

Sadly, the Constitution is only as good as the people's will to protect and defend it - and there is some question over whether We the People yet possess that will. The administration "end-runs" the Constitution at every opportunity, circumventing it's original intent, ignoring the requirements of government therein, and constantly chipping away at the people's Bill of Rights. The circumstances under which such flagrant violations of the Constitution will end is not yet clear. The "checks and balances" are not working as they were designed  - Congress rubber stamps the malfeasance (bordering upon treason) of the administration, and the Federal Court system only fails to support their inaction when a blind man can see the criminality.

An "Oath of Office" is only an oath when it is sworn to by people of honor. There is little-if-any honor in the Federal District of Columbia, so that part of the "Oath of Office" where they swore to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic..."

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