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Monday, March 11, 2013

WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS - American Revolution Part II, and the10th Crusade

The world would be a wonderful place to live, if there weren't people in it to screw things up! As of March 1, 2013 there were 60 countries at war, and 391 "armed conflicts" underway within those countries.

We find ourselves in a chaotic world, although for the most-part peace currently reigns at home. Yet, to many, it seems as if we may be on the brink of Part II of the American Revolution. We have an administration composed entirely of left-wingers, Marxists, Socialist-"progressives", and other varieties of Communists. We also have high unemployment, a devalued currency, ever-increasing taxation, outrageous international indebtedness, circumvention - by our government - of our Constitution, the use of military drones within the borders of the USA, lax border control, the abridgement of the Bill of Rights, Amendments I, IV, VIII and X, and a push to infringe upon Amendment II, which our founders specifically prohibited. Why is the administration pushing the envelope of what We the People will quietly tolerate? First because our elected Congress lacks the courage to say "ENOUGH!". They will not unite for the good of the country and say no to the spoiled, "my way or no way" attitude of our President, Barry the Bankrupter.
There are a few of us who are actually paying attention, and connecting the dots. Individually, the actions of our government may appear innocuous... but, when looked upon individually as the pieces of a much larger puzzle, a highly disturbing picture develops.
The motto of the left-wing is not only, "Never let a crisis go to waste", it includes the adjunct phrase, "If there is no crisis create one you can solve" (exercising direction by misdirection and  smoke and mirrors leadership). Eventually, the American people will become unsettled over this incompetence at all levels of government, and there will be an uncivil civil reaction. This reaction is just what the Commies-in-Charge want, as it will supply them with much-needed justification to impose martial law upon the people, and within that construct reduce the population.

The opening shots of the Tenth Crusade were fired on September 11, 2001, when Islamists attacked the World Trade Center, using aircraft as flying bombs, and taking over 3,300 lives. The goal of Islam is to dominate the world as the single religion, while the goal of the rest of the world is to choose their own religious beliefs, or to choose none at all. The followers of Islam are involved in the majority of those 391 "armed conflicts" mentioned in my first paragraph. They are "eating the elephant... one bite at a time". Conquering other people's right to choose by use of "the sword". If they are not stopped, and stopped SOON, they may just succeed in accomplishing their goal. Just my 2¢ worth. If you choose to disagree with my assessment, I will support your right to remain ignorant, and to perish forthwith from the Earth.

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