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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama's 4 Ds - Disagreement, Disregard, Disenfranchisement, and Disinformation

It should have come to our attention by now that your "President" does not appreciate having his desires and actions questioned, for He is "The One". Oh, yeah ... he's The One, alright. He's the one whose only proven organizational ability is that of "Community Organizer", a "job" in which his primary function was to teach people how to be loud, boisterous, and civilly disobedient. He also trained them in how to be disruptive to those conducting the business of government, and how to refuse to take "NO" for an answer.

Now, when truly disappointed, frustrated and angry citizens attend "Town Hall Meetings" and demonstrate that disappointment, frustration and anger to their elected representatives, through their general demeanor and passionate, heart-felt outbursts Obama and his left-wing allies cry "foul". The Democraps seem to believe that when the left does these same things, it's just honest emotion, and therefore fine with them. But... when anybody who can see through the smoke, mirrors and misdirection of "The One" has the audacity to actually verbalize that belief, they are immediately demonized as "puppets of the wealthy Republicans", "unruly mobs", "racists" and "tea-party loons" by the left. (By the way, the attendees at the nationwide "tea parties" this past April 15th were an amalgam of Americans who are unhappy with the direction Obama and his cronies are taking this country. There were people of every stripe and color - Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and yes... even a few liberals and intelligent Democrats. (We even had some neo-Nazi skinheads - whom we peaceably frustrated - show up at our tea party in Grants Pass Oregon. Their demeanor wasn't the least bit belligerent, but we felt their message wasn't an appropriate one for our rally.) All cultures and colors were represented - whites, blacks, native Americans, Mexicans, and Asians in attendance. There were natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens. There were Christians. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, some of the Orthodoxies (Greek, Russian, etc.), and atheists and agnostics there also. I saw no indication of any significant "wealth" there - no Armani suits, Rolls-Royce automobiles, or Gucci handbags - 99% of the attendees were quite casual in their manner of dress. Among the crowd of about 1,000, there may have been 10 people wearing something other than jeans, tennis shoes/flip-flops or boots, and a t-shirt or pullover. I saw one tie, and two sport coats. These were everyday, working-class folks who were demonstrating their concern about the direction (or is it misdirection?) our government is taking. The left wishes to denigrate those people who make up the backbone of America, and classify them as the "lunatic fringe". After all, one would have to be a lunatic to be in opposition of anything The One wanted done!

"We the People" are tired of being ignored by our elected officials! We are tired of ever-expanding, tax and spend government. We are disgusted with a government which bails out private corporations - to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars - using taxpayer money to do so. We are sick of ridiculous health care proposals that would euthanize, or at the least, withhold necessary life-saving treatment from the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill. We are angered by a government that insinuates itself further into our privates lives, and that ignores our Constitution in order to foist bogus, unnecessary, and expensive social programs upon us. We are confused and frustrated by a government that believes it can borrow - or print - money to recover from a financial crisis, all the while instituting more of the aforementioned "expensive social programs". (We spend our way into bankruptcy, not out of it!)

We are no longer the beneficiaries of government by the people... we have now become the victims of government of the people by the elitist, Marxist-socialist rich. Over 40% of our elected officials are multi-millionaires, and the remainder are just extremely "well-off". A few of those elected "representatives" brought their wealth with them into the office, the others made their wealth from within the office... I can't help but wonder how they made all that money from a job with a starting pay of $174,000 per annum? If they banked their entire pay - without spending so much as a penny of it - for 5.75 years they would just barely qualify as a millionaire. We have the best government that corporate and special interest money can buy!

As far as dissatisfied citizens "forming organized, orchestrated, and choreographed unruly mobs" is concerned... they ain't seen nothin' yet! These town Hall Meetings have, for the most-part, been held in (suprise) town halls. A town hall is generally a small, cramped venue with a capacity of perhaps 200 people in a large town hall. To hold these public meetings in a larger auditorium would allow too many people to attend, thereby taking too much of our elected representatives precious time, and perhaps it would also insure that he or she got an earful of what their constituents actually wanted! That could be disconcerting if the people wanted something that conflicted with what corporate America, the Special Interest groups, PACs and good paying lobbyists wanted. They choose the path of least resistance for themselves when it comes to hearing what people really think. If they want to see a MOB they should wait until 50,000 people march on Washington D.C. - which may happen in the near future.

I could be wrong about this, and your Congressional Representatives and Senators could actually care about you.

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