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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Internment Camps For American Citizens Couldn't Happen... Or COULD THEY?

I found an interesting link this morning - - a link that gave me significant pause. The text and accompanying video, coupled with some previous information that I dismissed as basically "radical conspiracy theory", sent me on another search for the "truth" (my truth is not necessarily your truth). Truth is an individual concept, as are other ephemeral concepts such as justice, honesty and loyalty, so I went looking for something approximating what I could consider "truthful".

Well, one link led to another, and - taking all the available information into consideration - a RED FLAG went up! The following is an excerpt from that second link... the U.S. Army (red added by me for emphasis - :


Advanced level Internment/Resettlement Specialist provides guidance, supervises and trains other Soldiers within the same discipline. As an advanced level I/R Specialist, you may be involved in:

  • Supervise and establish all administrative, logistical and food support operations, confinement/correctional, custodial, treatment, and rehabilitative activities
  • Responsible for all personnel working in the confinement/correctional facility, including security, logistical, and administrative management of the prisoner/internee population
  • Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of an Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp
  • Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of detention facility or the operation of a displaced civilian (DC) resettlement facility."
Shades of Abu Ghraib! I don't know about anybody else, but to me this stinks of the WWII Internment Camps for Japanese-Americans... only this time it sounds like they will be for any and all American citizens who do not agree with the current administration. A government that fears it's free citizens, is obviously a corrupt government... with reason to fear those who are paying attention to the direction it is taking.

I'm sure the administration will try to assuage any concerns this issue might raise by telling its sheep that these camps will be used only for civilian enemy combatants (exactly who the "civilian enemy" is will be loosely defined), terrorists (again, it will be poorly defined) and illegal immigrants. And many, if not most, citizens will believe that tale simply because it's difficult to conceive that our government would turn against its citizens. Or... are we no longer "citizens" of a free republic? Are we now the subjects of The One?

Why would an honest government, one that is responsive to the will of the people, fear them? In fact, here's a list of the things they seem to fear most, having targeted as "potential terrorists" Americans who:
  • Oppose abortion

  • Oppose same-sex marriage

  • Oppose restrictions on firearms

  • Oppose lax immigration laws

  • Oppose the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs

  • Oppose continuation of free trade agreements

  • Are suspect of foreign regimes

  • Fear Communist regimes

  • Oppose a "one world" government

  • Bemoan the decline of U.S. stature in the world

  • Are upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India, and more
That pretty much sounds like most of the people I know! What the hell is wrong with leaving America the way it has been - SUCCESSFUL - for the past 233 years?

Well, all you Obama worshipers got your wish... and look where we are now. Change - for the sake of change alone - is not necessarily GOOD! But you'll keep believing that things will get better as Obama and his minions destroy our Republic. As for me, I'll probably wind up being "resettled" in a cell in one of those internment camps, for "re-education" (can you say BRAINWASHING?). The only silver lining to that is that I will be surrounded by the best of American citizens!

I could be wrong about this... and I truly hope I am. The entire scenario is beyond abhorrent.

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