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Sunday, August 23, 2009

CIA Conducts Mock Executions of Terrorists

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – CIA interrogators carried out mock executions and threatened an al Qaeda commander with a gun and an electric drill, according to an internal report that provides new details of abuses inside's the agency's secret prisons, two leading U.S. newspapers reported on Saturday."

The "al Qaeda commander" was not shot with the gun, nor did his interrogators perform a lobotomy upon him with the electric drill... which, for me anyway, begs the questions:
The CIA interrogators are dealing with TERRORISTS!! What part of that do some people fail to understand? These al Qaeda pukes are folks who routinely decapitate, dismember, shoot execution-style, and burn alive their captives. If you expect people who indulge in those behaviors to give you information, you must pose the questions in a language that they understand! The language of fear and intimidation... even if you do foolishly let them live afterward. Embarrassment and intimidation are not "harsh techniques" regardless of what anybody says. However, while the bleeding hearts are passing out blame for using "harsh techniques", why do we never hear of them identifying al Qaeda as a user of "harsh techniques". Are beheadings, maimings and burning alive internationally acceptable forms of interrogation, while embarrassment and intimidation are not? Did we fail to get that memo?


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