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Friday, August 14, 2009

"TOWN HALL MEETING" Defined - Obama did NOT have one in Montana

A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting derived from the traditional town meetings of New England. Similarly to those meetings, everybody in a community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, and hear the responses from public figures and elected officials.

That, my friends, describes how a Town Hall Meeting should be conducted! However, your illustrious President, His Royal Highness and Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama turned the meeting in Montana into a lecture, simply stumping for his socialistic "universal Health Care" program. As you may have noticed from my previous blog posting, this was an unsurprising tactic. Obama's audience was carefully chosen to insure there would be no dissenting opinions expressed as he, once again, bamboozled the American public with yet another well-received speech. There was no doubt going in that this campaign tactic would work in his favor, inasmuch as he, his staff and his Secret Service detail insured that those opposed to expanding government and government controls over our private lives would be denied entry into the event.

Montanans, on the whole, are neither followers nor political lapdogs - they are independent, hard-working, self-sufficient, conservative citizens who are still imbued with much of the pioneer spirit of the 19th century American West. The true spirit of Montana was not accurately represented at Obama's "Town Hall Meeting"... but, what else can we expect from the smoke and mirrors philosophy of this administration?

There is transparency in this administration, but you have to be willing to remove those rose-colored glasses and actually look through the smoke screen. What one sees is not a better America, but simply an attempt to change America into a European-style socialist nation, ruled by government and special interest groups as opposed to representing, reflecting, and preserving the will of the people and the Constitution of the United States of America! Obama also seems intent upon insuring American energy needs remain hostage to the greed of his middle-eastern, Muslim brethren.

The acceptance of this so-called "Town Hall meeting" as being anything other than deliberate, choreographed political theater should be an embarrassment to us all... and shame on those of us who see it as anything other than the political sham it was!

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