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Saturday, August 15, 2009

HR3200 - ObamaCare, The "Real" Bill... For Now, Anyway

For those of you who may be interested, the entire 1018 pages of the proposed legislation, replete with legalese and political doublespeak is available at:
I have seen documents floating around in the "real world" that purport to explain what the bill is all about, and how it will impact us. A brief perusal of the bill itself - and comparing page by page to several of the pages specifically pointed out in these documents - gives me the impression that the documents reflect the absolute worst case scenario of what could possibly happen if the language of the bill was very loosely interpreted. (On the other hand, loose interpretation is the one place where our government truly excels. And, after a bill is passed into law the government bureaucrats generally take the position that "it means whatever we say it means".)

I do not know how current this iteration of the bill is, since there is no date on it. I assume that it is the most current one, since it is on the government "Ways and Means" website.

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