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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ted's Dead, 'nuff Said!

Why is it that when anybody in the public eye departs this life, our media bemoans their passage for a week or more? Death is the final physical act of life. Inasmuch as life is a terminal disease, death is no surprise in our "later years", but rather it is to be expected. The only real surprise may be in the time, place or manner of death. Nonetheless, WE SHALL ALL DIE!

Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy was no JFK... nor was he even an RFK. He was imposing, but he lacked the charisma of either of his younger brothers. Comparing Ted Kennedy to either John or Robert is like comparing Willie Nelson to Pavarotti. His genuine personal accomplishments for our country were quite limited outside of Massachusetts. Kennedy was no George Washington, John Hancock, or Patrick Henry. He failed on at least one occasion as both a driver and a swimming instructor.

He's dead, and the doctors have little hope of any change in his condition. Bury him with dignity, and let's move on.

Just my opinion, so I can't be wrong. The validity of any opinion is always subject to challenges, but challenges don't make it any less valid as an opinion.

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