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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DOJ Investigates CIA Over Use of "Severe Techniques" During Terrorist Interrogations

According to one of the wire services - "Several key Democrats and officials with Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union said Tuesday that the potential prosecutions are a start, but they said the probe does nothing to investigate the actions of officials who sanctioned the brutal interrogation program."

So, lets see just who is upset over this... the left-wing headhunters who blame the Bush administration for everything since the crucifixion, the bleeding hearts who always side with those who have done wrong, and the American Communist Lawyers Unlimited who expend great time, energy and money defending anything designed to destroy the foundations of our nation. (It's always good to look past the heroic-sounding names to find out who the players really are and identify their true agenda.)

What is it they are upset about? Probably the only thing even close to a "severe technique"in this "brutal interrogation program" is waterboarding... which is something akin to a face washing on steroids. After waterboarding, comes those vicious techniques of threats and intimidation, and embarrassment.

Look at this word: TERRORIST. The first six letters spell TERROR, and the last three letters mean "practitioner of". So the CIA interrogators were dealing with PRACTITIONERS OF TERROR.

The first step in a successful communication - of any kind - is to use a language that the other party understands. It logically follows that if the party with whom you are trying to have a successful communication deals in inflicting terror upon others, then that is a language he or she will understand.

The next consideration is fluency in the language of the communication. In order to be effective, the interrogator must be generally as fluent as the person with whom he/she is trying to communicate, to insure the message is not misunderstood, without having to use the nuances of beheading, maiming, castration, murdering, or setting fire to their captive terrorists to "get their point across". If you are communicating in a language which is foreign to you, you do not want to be embarrassed by your clumsiness/inabilities in that language! Terrorists understand TERROR, so let's terrorize them... and feed them nothing but pork products!

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