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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pink Slips to Congress - Hear The Voice of The People or File For Unemployment

The wake-up call that began with the Tea Parties on April 15th, continues. Over FIVE MILLION "pink slips" have been sent to members of the house and Senate, putting them on notice that we will not allow them to remain in office if they fail to heed and respond to the unified voice of the people.

At a cost of almost $30 per person, 5,000,000 Americans anted up to send the above to all members of Congress - individually and collectively. If that doesn't get their attention, nothing will.

Remember those who are willing to sell out our sovereignty as a nation, our Constitution and our people as you vote during next years elections! Let THEM enjoy the "rewards" of unemployment. For decades our legislators have ignored the expressed will of the people in favor of the desires of corporate America and PAC lobbyists, and it is time we ignored their desire to continue to live on our taxes. The reason our laws have become so complex, and almost impossible for Joe Average to understand, is because they were made by lawyers! To my way of thinking, this is like having a pack of jackals providing security for a hen house. Perhaps we need to get rid of all the lawyers, and replace them with working class folks who would restore some common sense and sanity to our laws.

I could be wrong about this... and we could have a genuine American in the White House. What are the odds...


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