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Thursday, November 12, 2009

LOU DOBBS QUITS CNN! Apparently Lou Had Too Much Personal Integrity For CNN...

CNN's Lou Dobbs, a lightning rod for criticism following his transition from a business journalist to an opinionated anchor on such issues as illegal immigration, told viewers on Wednesday, November 11, that he was quitting his nightly show to pursue new opportunities.

Lou was one of the original on-air founders of CNN back in 1980, which causes one to wonder... why, after almost 30 years, did Lou decide to jump ship? If you are old enough to remember, you'll recall that CNN made its name in television news broadcasting by covering, in-depth, those news stories that the established broadcast networks would either ignore completely, or perform a Mongolian ballet very lightly around the edges. Hard-hitting, gutsy reporting was their stock-in-trade back then. The network itself demonstrated journalistic integrity, even when the left-wing pansies of America began shrieking "That's too graphic! We don't need to see that!". But, that was before they sold their integrity for the 20th century version of thirty three pieces of silver. They jumped into the mainstream... and have barely managed to stay afloat since!

Lou was paddling and bailing as fast as he could, but the weight of slanted journalism finally became too much of a burden for him. Here's a typical example of the things he began reporting in the recent past -

His honesty and desire to inform the American people, rather than sell journalistic swill to them, made the corporate suits a bit uncomfortable, which is probably where his desire to "pursue new opportunities" came from.

Lou Dobbs will be missed by the viewing audience, but perhaps his "new opportunities" will permit honest reporting of what is really going on in our country and around the world. I wish Lou the absolute best of luck, and hope we have not seen the last of him!

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