Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The most recent act of domestic terrorism has left the nation stunned. The calculated slaughter of 13 American soldiers by one of their own was, by all reports, not an unforeseeable incident. Army Major Nidal Hasan, had been repeatedly overheard making negative remarks about the USA and our commitment in the middle east, and espousing his Muslim faith at inappropriate times - like the time he was supposed to present a paper at a medical conference.

Major Hasan is a Muslim. As soon as his identity was revealed, his religion became the subject of a ferocious public debate: bloggers claimed the massacre cast doubt on the loyalty of all American Muslims, while commentators on the other side argued that even to consider the role of Hasan's faith was Islamophobic. To NOT consider his religious beliefs would be sheer stupidity! Islam is not a religion of peace, love and brotherhood. Looking back through the world's history, no religion has unwaveringly remained in that category. We have the Christians behind the Spanish Inquisition, the Jewish Zealots at Masada after being defeated at the rebellion against Rome, and the several conflicts between the Christians and Muslims known as The Crusades. All religions are man-made... and therefore they are just as flawed as the men who created those varying systems of belief. God did not create "religion". He was too busy creating the universe and all the things therein... so he left it up to mankind to devise the means by which they could learn to hate one another - even in the name of brotherly love.

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