Goodbye Barry - Welcome Home AMERICA!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Barack Hussein Obama, as part of the "change" he promised, chose to ignore 2000 years of history and determined that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed must be tried in a civilian court for acts of war against the United States. This self-professed, mass-murdering, terrorist scumbag is in New York City awaiting trial, rather than facing a military tribunal - as those who commit acts of war against a sovereign have for millennia. Never before in the course of history has there been an instance recorded where a known enemy combatant was given a civilian trial! Acts of a military nature are - and always have been - subject to military law and military justice.

First of all, why is Obama even involved in the process of determining where and how this coward will be tried? Because he chose to insinuate himself into it. Only Obama understands the warped reasoning behind that choice. This is the one instance where he really should have just voted "present". His role as "Commander in Chief" is laughable inasmuch as he has never had any military training, much less worn a uniform. How does one "command" that which he has never experienced himself? Obama isn't qualified to lead an orchestra! Why did all you left-wing, bleeding-heart, pinko liberal-"progressives" put him in charge of our nation's security?

Perhaps Obama involved himself in this military issue to placate his Muslim pals, and maybe he has assured them that all will be forgiven, and that their terrorist minions will all be returned home (at U.S. taxpayer expense, of course) alive and well... and a few pounds heavier than when they left. The only thing he's accomplished since elected is to vacation around the world while apologizing for the USA at every stop!

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