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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Muslim radicals call Hasan 'Officer and a Gentleman'

United States Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan - a coward, a murderer, and a terrorist, was honored today on a radical Muslim web site. "Get Well Soon Major Nidal We Love You," said the website - Revolution Muslim - run by radicals who follow an imam once jailed in Britain. "Major Nidal Hasan M.D. An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a pre-emptive attack."

We know the Muslim terrorists are all cowards, or they would wear uniforms and face their "enemy" in armed combat, rather than hiding among the civilian populations of the Muslim world, dressed as they dress.

Our equally cowardly left-wing media reports that Nidal is a "suspect" in the murderous rampage at Fort Hood. EXCUSE ME?? "SUSPECT!?" Can somebody explain to me exactly how that works? Picture this... you hear gunshots, you enter the building, find the location from where the gunshots came, and peer into the room. You see bodies lying all over the room, and one person standing up who is holding a gun (or guns). Is that person then a "suspect" in the shooting, or is he the de facto shooter? Forget what the law says, and use a bit of common sense (a quality which our laws, by and large, are lacking). Who else in the area is armed? Who else in the area is left standing? HE IS THE MURDERER! Or, was it just really bad timing on his part - showing up at a roomful of dead and wounded, while armed with recently fired weapons, and just a split second after the real murderer escaped? Talk about a run of bad luck! GET REAL!! Show me anybody who would believe that last scenario, and I'll show you somebody whose head is "up and locked in position"... or a bleeding-heart, left-wing liberal progressive... but that's redundant. (I apologize for repeating myself in paraphrase.)

How many more of the approximately 17,000 Muslim members of our armed forces are simply biding their time while awaiting an opportunity to do exactly the same thing? I realize that I should be ashamed of myself for painting all Muslims with the same wide brush, and that is something I would never have done prior to 9-11. Prior to that fateful day I begrudged no one their religious beliefs. I had worked with some very likable, outgoing Muslim men in the past, but now I had to ask myself this question - "Did I really know them?". Perhaps the better question today would be, "What did I not know about them that could be critically important?"
How many more of the approximately 2,500,000 mosque-attending Muslims in the USA are simply biding their time while awaiting an opportunity to kill as many of us as they can?

Know this - that if your name is Mohammed, Hassan, Abdullah or any name that sounds the least bit like you could be a Muslim, I will never be able to trust you. I will watch your every move with suspicion, and I will remain ready to react forcefully as long as you are in my presence. I understand that it is probably not your fault that I have adopted this attitude toward you and your brethren, but you must understand that my mistrust of you is my survival mechanism. To trust you today, as I would have in 2000, would be utterly foolish of me. Stay in front of me, make no sudden or furtive moves, and we may both survive our encounter. Failure to do so will only insure that one of us will not survive that meeting.

Shame on the United States Army for knowing that this man was psychologically disturbed, yet allowing him to remain in our Army. Perhaps, had he been relieved of his duties (and his commission) and discharged, this tragedy could have been avoided. he Army was "caught on the horns of a dilemma" though:
1. They wanted to recover the costs of his education and training through continued "service". (Even though he had been relieved of his duties at Walter Reed Hospital for [essentially] not being a good fit. According to the Army, they had known that he was suffering from some sort of psychological insufficiency for at least 6 months!)
3. They did not wish to be seen as theologically insensitive, or to be labeled as anti-Islam Muslim haters, by taking appropriate and timely action against him.

May God protect us from indulging our own sense of decency toward our fellow human beings, to the point that we become willing victims of those who would do us evil.

Oh, and while we're thinking about it, let's hope the FBI and Homeland Security hunt down, investigate, arrest and imprison those connected with the "Revolution Muslim" web site.

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sd said...

The media is now calling Hasan the "ALLEGED shooter"! With all those eye witnesses, they aren't sure?! The woman cop, who is a hero and was shot 3 times and shot Hasan, certainly knew who she was shooting! SHE didn't have any doubt about who he was or what he was doing! Yet now we have an ALLEGED shooter! Who might have been the TRUE shooter, then?! American media has buried themselves in PC and are no longer trustworthy "reporters" of news!