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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finnish Doctor Evaluates Swine Flu Epidemic/Conspiracy

It will take less than ten minutes of your life to read this short introduction and listen to the embedded video of an interview with Dr. Rauni Kilde, Retired Chief Medical Officer for Finland. It may just save your life. Many people do not intend to take the flu vaccine for a variety of reasons. Some on religious grounds, some fear needles, some don't like being poked with needles, some of us are so far down the list to get the vaccine that we just figure SKROOM, and some fear that the vaccine is a part of a inter-government conspiracy to reduce the world population to some figure that would place less of a demand upon the Earth's finite resources. Perhaps there's some reasonable justification to all the arguments against the H1N1 vaccine...

Who is right? Will you bet your life - and the lives of your loved ones - on the empty promises of a corrupt government? Consult a Native American about the honesty of the "Great White Father" before you make that decision. Conspiracy theories abound. They reproduce like rats! There probably is an element of truth in most of them, and our difficult job becomes one of determining how much of that bowl of Conspeerios is wheat and how much is chaff. As always, it's your call.

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