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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Does Obama Continue to Dodge The Issue of The "Natural Born Citizen" Clause?

Here's one of the multitude of things I don't seem to understand... why is there such a fuss over the possibility that Barack Hussein Obama may not even have been qualified to run for the office of President, much less occupy that office?

The question has been asked many times: "Where is the official, legally acceptable record of live birth for Barack Obama?" The courts have been petitioned by at least a dozen different entities seeking an answer to that question, and each request has been stonewalled. If Obama is, in fact, a natural born citizen of the United States of America, all that he would have to do is provide that document - a document which we, as private citizens, must produce in order to just get a passport (and in some states even to get a drivers license) -and that would end the discussions. Yet, he has not done so, which reinforces the doubt of the legitimacy of his claim to the Office of President. Just break out the papers, Barack! Or would that be detrimental to your success?

Those doubts naturally bring up more questions, such as:
1. Does his administration have the best interests of our country at heart?
2. Was his campaign backed by some shadowy foreign - or not so foreign (a la George Soros) - entity?
3. Inasmuch as he was raised by a single mother, and a financially struggling grandmother, yet graduated from some very prestigious institutes of higher learning, is it possible that he was being finacially supported and groomed for this usurpation of power by his Islamic roommate bretheren?
4. Is he intentionally undermining our Constitution to benefit a foreign power? Is he ignorant of the impact of his actions upon the rights of the citizenry, or does he just simply not care?

Those are the main issues surrounding his Presidential legitimacy, as I see them.

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