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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bogus Tea Party Statistics - The Left Marginalizes Freedom of Speech

Looking back over the government- and media-reported Tax Day Tea Party counts, it seems that there were only "thousands" or "tens of thousands" disgusted American citizens participating in the event. I have been unable to find any realistic total figure published anywhere.

The closest figure I have been able to find was "15% of the parties have reported, and their total is 400,000", which extrapolates to 2,666,666 at 100%. That's TWO POINT SIX MILLION participants nationwide! However, the left-wing media is obviously unwilling to legitimize the movement by accurately reporting the total national number. If my math is only half correct it would still be 1.3 million angry Americans. Does a number that large deserve to be ignored... and labeled as "right-wing extremists who bear close watching"?

If the Government continues to ignore the voice of fiscal responsibility and conservatism, who knows what the final response will be? I doubt that these Americans will simply roll over and play dead, as the left desires, but available options are severely limited. A government that is unresponsive to the will of the people is a dictatorship.

I suppose I could be wrong about this, but it would require a much more active imagination than mine to convince me I was wrong.

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