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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Somali Pirates Are Slow Learners ... or Are WE The Slow Learners?

Apparently it will take the full power of an International military assault on Somalia to halt their criminal acts upon the high seas. These seagoing thieves have stepped up attacks since their recent loss of the Maersk Alabama and its Captain. What, short of a full-scale, International military invasion, can be done to reduce the attacks on shipping in International waters?

A very expensive solution would be to increase the number of battle-ready naval ships in the Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden. Although the sailors and marines aboard these ships are being paid for their service 24-7, keeping a ship in motion takes a lot of expensive fuel.

Another possible solution would definitely be a money-saver ... interrupt all foreign and humanitarian aid from the USA to African nations for as long as there is piracy in the area. This would put the recipients of the humanitarian aid in the position of having to deal with the pirate problem. Our Government is borrowing money so we can afford to give away food, clothing and medical supplies to other countries! I'm sorry, but where is the sense in that? If we don't have the cash we should just say "NO!"

I could be wrong about this... but I'm not!

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