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Friday, April 3, 2009


Unemployment in the USA in February of 2009 was at 8.1% - it is now 8.5%. If you think .4% isn't a big deal, then you don't realize that the .4% equates to 633,000 workers. As of the end of March 2009 we have 13,200,000 unemployed American workers! That's THIRTEEN MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND idled Americans, not counting the underemployed and those who have consumed their entire unemployment benefit entitlement.

How does our government respond to this American employment crisis? By issuing 138,000 work permits to foreign workers!

Wondering how that happened? There are primarily two organizations supporting such inequities - the Soros Foundations Network, and the Carnegie Corporation. What is most interesting about that, is the fact that both organizations are captained by immigrants. Properly documented immigrants, who have personally benefited from the freedom to capitalize on their abilities - a freedom that American tradition has afforded to them. Their way of saying "Thank you, America", is to support amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens with an $18,000,000 war chest and the best lobbyists and lawyers (and politicians?) that money can buy. There goes another 12 million American jobs ... or 3 million jobs and 9 million more welfare recipients. Who are these multi-millionaire ingrates? George Soros, Head Monkey In Charge of the Soros Foundations Network, and Vartan Gregorian, President of the Carnegie Corporation - which works to establish an open-borders policy for the USA.

It is the old adage brought to reality - money talks! Well, with all those unemployed americans, "we the people" don't have much money, so we can either howl at the moon, or complain to our elected officials - which is redundant. Our elected officials have plenty of money! Millionaires have no idea of what it requires from the working class to provide even the basic necessities for a family of 5 - and 40% of our Congress are millionaires several times over.

I will not be surprised, in the near future, to see massive demonstrations against a myriad of irresponsible government policies. Should these demonstrations be improperly recieved by our government, and if the government response is unsympathetic to the plight of the American people, it is not unimaginable that things will get extremely nasty shortly thereafter.

What would I recommend you do about it? Contact ALL your elected representatives, from the City Council to your State Legislature by email, postal letter, FAX and/or telephone and register your dissatisfaction with the path our government is presently on. Or, you could just remain complacent ... and, by that complacency, you become COMPLICIT in the destruction of our country!

I could be wrong about this ... on second thought ... not a snowballs chance!

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