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Saturday, July 5, 2008

FAREWELL, AMERICA! Announcing the Destruction of a Young Democratic Republic ...

and that destruction will come from the enemy within. Those outside our 'borders' - if you can call them borders - are the least of our worries. The individual terrorist is virtually impotent from outside the USA ... BUT, that same individual from inside the United States presents a very powerful and deadly threat. He, or she, could be anybody - your friend, your neighbor, your child's second grade teacher, the clerk at Wal-Mart, your pharmacist, your physician, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. "Not anybody", you say quickly. "Mo is my best friend. We work together, we go fishing together, our kids play together, and our families picnic together." That's the "Mo" you know - the Mo of yesterday. Today's Mo may be someone entirely different. Yesterday's Mo may have gotten a one word message last night - "Insha'Allah" - and awakened this morning as Mohammed who is directed "by the will of Allah" to kill the infidels. "Who are these infidels?", you ask. They are you, your wife, your children and anybody else nearby that's not Muslim - or in really extreme cases, Muslims too, but just Muslims who do not believe exactly the same way Mo does.

We've all heard of the "sleeper cells", and we also know we have several very large concentrations of Muslims in various cities throughout our country. Middle Eastern Terrorists have a patience that the average American cannot even begin to fathom. Some have waited for generations to extract revenge - or "justice" as they see it. Could terrorist activities of the past 30 years be retribution for Muslim losses during the Crusades? I know it sounds far-fetched to us, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility for Muslims. I wouldn't give odds on it being probable, but it isn't impossible.

The term "Sleeper Cell" is a pretty accurate description of how they function. The briefing probably goes something like this: "Fit in, keep a low profile but be seen in the community. Build a reputation as a "nice person", find employment so there will be no reason to question where your money comes from. Renounce Islam in public but maintain it in your heart, for it is the will of Allah - praise be unto Him - that it be done in this fashion. Do whatever is necessary for the success of your mission, for it is required by Allah - praise Allah." What we're talking about here is recruiting people who are capable of absorbing training and using 21st century technology , but who, intellectually and emotionally, are stuck in the 14th century. People who can present themselves as your friend today, and cut your throat without a second thought tomorrow, because you are the "infidel" - not any more human than the other infidel beasts of the world. If martyrdom for Allah is so wonderful, and the rewards in Paradise are so great, why have the leaders not committed mass murder with a body bomb strapped to themselves?

There are those who would have us believe that the floods in the Midwest, and the fires in California, are retribution of a higher kind, rather than any "natural phenomena". Retribution for "falling away" from the straight and narrow ... for legalizing unnatural acts and protecting those who engage in them, for corruption in our courts and government, and for not taking an active stand against such things. I suppose that could be true ...

"UNITED WE STAND" ... however there are so many more indicators of disunity in this country than those of unity, that one must wonder - are we still united enough? We are divided along lines of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gang affiliations. We no longer seem to define ourselves by our positive accomplishments, but instead by our salaries, the type of automobile we drive, the school(s) from which we graduated, and the names we can drop when talking with our business associates. We are, bit by bit, selling out our country - either C.O.D. (the Arab countries have endowed prestigious U.S. universities with hundreds of millions of dollars for "special considerations" by their administrations; several U.S. toll highways have been sold to overseas interests, etc.), or to show how liberal, accepting, and humanitarian we are (foot baths in airports for Muslims? Can't they wash their feet at home like everybody else?). Do we have the will, the fortitude and the stamina to set those differences aside, present a united front, and defend this great nation "against all enemies foreign and domestic"? Our courts and government agencies are bending over backwards to satisfy the demands of any religious belief except Christianity (followed closely by Judaism). Thanks to the elimination of our steel mills, our military grade steel is now purchased from China, of all places! And, as hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pour across our southern border each year, American corporations are "off-shore outsourcing" tens of thousands of American jobs! The looney left now wants to endow illegal aliens with all the rights to which genuine Americans (both born and naturalized) are not entitled. Citizenship within 24 hours after applying (most naturalized citizens have waited 5-15 years to be granted citizenship), even if a background investigation has not been completed. Free medical care and education, and head of the line preference in each of those as well! We are incarcerating those we charge with securing our borders (Google: Campeon and Ramos), and rewarding those who enter the country illegally to conduct trade in illegal products!

Farewell, America ... it was grand knowing you when you had good sense, and most of us will miss you!

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