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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Round of "Who Cares?" - Pitt and Jolie Aren't The First People to Have Twins

Why does anybody really care about Angelina Jolie giving birth to twins? This is not the first set of twins in recorded history, for Pete's sake! It is, however, and indication that the Brangelina's are now buying into their own "super star" status, that elevates them above the rest of humanity. I could understand the hoopla if Angelina had given birth to a litter of octuplets ... or even octopi ... either of which would have certainly been a newsworthy event. But, she didn't ... and, in order to insure her goddess-like stature was maintained for this essentially mundane event, the Pitt-Jolie empire bought the entire 5th floor of a maternity hospital in France for the final weeks of the 'event!' I wonder how many "lesser women" got less-than-excellent treatment at that facility during this egregious display of stellar selfishness? One room with, perhaps, two bodyguards posted outside the door, should have provided more than enough exclusivity to satisfy the privacy needs of any mortal woman.

And the press is guessing that the first 'official' photographs of the twins will be worth between $10M-$15M! Photographs of the baby Jesus might be worth that much to somebody. Or if the kids have two heads or six legs each, that might be worth a bundle! But, as far as I am aware, these are just two normal, healthy, human infants. If it's all about the money, maybe Angelina could auction off some of their dirty diapers on eBay, and pick up a few extra dollars that way, too. Perhaps the parents chose to have the babies born in France so the kids could be French citizens - which is much classier than being Americans ... at least in the eyes of the liberal left. Hollywood is entertaining, but most of the people who are in the industry seem to confuse the Hollywood culture/ethics/elitism with the real world. That's like comparing Disney's Magical Kingdom to Fidel Castro's Cuba!

Are our lives as working-class Americans so boring that we feel a need to deify celebrities? Keep in mind that these are people who don't even know YOU exist!


Krista said...

I think the photos would only be worth that much if they had a picture of her nursing both of them at the same time! Now that would be worth seeing!

Gil said...

Nursing two at once would present them with another photo-op ... the one of Angelina's head imploding!