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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Election '08 - A Package Deal

Although I am not a fan of Barack NObama, I am a lesser fan of his wife, Michelle. From what I have seen and heard of Mr. NObama, I believe he is culturally at odds with the full protections guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. It is also possible that there is some latent racism lurking in the darkest recesses of Barack NObama's heart. On the other hand, Michelle NObama seems to have a more active black revolutionary character, obviating the use of the term 'latent'. Notice I said, 'seems to' ... I have read what is available of her senior thesis from Princeton, and came to the conclusion that there is little in the way of overt racism in (what I could find of) her thesis. What I found are excerpts interpreted by others, rather than the full document itself. There does seem to be an undercurrent - depending on the readers mindset - that could be interpreted as racism.

Personally, I do not believe a NObama administration would be beneficial to the constitutional precepts upon which our great nation was founded. I base my belief upon his history, actions, and statements to the media - as well as those of his wife. Remember, a married President does not enter the White House alone, nor does he live there alone. Officially, the First Lady has no governmental powers, but realistically she has greater access to the President than any staff or cabinet member, or any other elected official. Add her questionable allegiances to his, and you have the formula for serious social unrest in America.

If you would like to see the excerpts from Michelle NObama's 1985 senior thesis go to but please keep in mind that the commentaries that accompany the excerpts are the interpretations of another individual. I caution you to draw your own conclusions.

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