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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Constitutional Erosion In The United States of America

If you have read my previous postings, particularly those of July 8, 2008, you are probably aware that I believe there are some very serious problems in the liberal courts interpretations of our Constitution (the Federal 9th 'Circus' Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California is probably the worst offender). I refer to the rapid degradation of the supposed individual and collective "rights" provided by our Constitution as "Constitutional Erosion". The First Amendment is under constant attack by those who are envious, resentful, or simply hateful toward us for reasons both real and imaginary.

In less than 250 years, we have built a country and culture that has surpassed, in almost every respect, cultures with hundreds - and even thousands - of years head start on us. We are a constant reminder that unbridled creativity, ambition, effort, and ingenuity, coupled with the right of the individual to profit from the fruits of his/her labors, can easily surpass lock-step, sloth, laxness, and 'state owned' industries. Who are these enemies of Democracy? Just pick a continent from the list below.
  1. Europe? The government of France has been resentful of the United States ever since we stopped German from becoming their national language in the 1940s. Initially they were overjoyed, until they realized that their only real source of pride during WWII was the French Underground. They also discovered that French General Charles De Gaulle got to lead the victory parade down the Champs Elysees only because of the magnanimity of the United States of America. Italy? They chose to be on the wrong side. Germany? They were the wrong side, but did take 3rd place in the war!
  2. Asia? Well, let's see ... China? Seems that from 1898 to 1900 there was a bit of unrest there called the Boxer Rebellion, which was designed to eliminate all western influencein China. U.S. sailors and marines made u a large part of the 2,100 man international force that quelled the rebellion. Japan? Japan gets the 2nd place ribbon for WWII, but has adjusted nicely for the most part.
  3. Africa? Although not as openly hostile toward the west, most African nations are jealous of what we have accomplished. With well over a thousand years of history behind them, they have chosen to remain living in the dark ages.
  4. South America? Generally dictatorships and controlled elections are the order of the day in South American countries. Venezuela is the only South American country that is openly hostile toward the USA at this particular point in time, but given South America's history, that is subject to change at a moments notice ... as is the government of any S.A. country.
About now, you're probably asking yourself, "What does this have to do with the Constitution?" Well, these are just a few of the overwhelming numbers of countries that would love to see the USA come to an ignominious end. However, we have an even greater threat from within than we have from outside our borders. These are the hundreds of thousands of people living inside the USA that believe we deserve be overthrown, and thereby give heart to our external detractors and enemies. Citizens and non-citizens alike, they share a common bond - they are desirous of seeing our way of life destroyed and replaced by socialism, communism, anarchism or almost any 'ism' you can think of rather than the Democratic Republic that it has been. And, most surprisingly, this attitude is rampant among those who have benefited the most from our way of life. They hope to accomplish this not by force of arms, but rather by chipping away at our Constitution, and by using the 'benefits' provided by our own system against us. They have, and will continue to, inundate our court system with ridiculous demands - demands which will be granted in order to show how accepting and understanding we are. Even at the cost of ignoring/manipulating our Constitution to do so!

These are the Constitutional Articles of Amendment most frequently under assault or abuse - (Amendments 1-10 inclusive, constitute the Bill of Rights):
1st - Freedom of religion, speech, the press, and peaceful assembly, and petitioning the government for redress of grievances. (assault/abuse)
2nd - Right to keep and bear arms. (resolved last week by the "Supremes") (assault)
4th - Right to be secure in your person, home, papers and effects, and against unreasonable search and seizure. (abuse)

That's 30% of our Bill of Rights either under constant legal attack, or being abused by representatives of various government agencies. When will we wake up and smell the coffee (or Postum, Pero, Caro, etc.)? When will we demand that our elected 'representatives' begin representing the expressed will of their constituencies? When will we take back our streets and schools from punks?

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