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Monday, June 30, 2008

NObama Supporter Wesley Clark Diminishes McCain's Service Record!

Retired (good thing for us) Army General (and Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful ) Wesley Clark, recently took an opportunity to attempt to marginalize the service record of the de-facto Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain. It seems that Clark feels that, "McCains military record was overblown since he did not make major combat decisions." This is as opposed to Barack Hussein NObama's nonexistent -military record - and his inability to make any decisions as a Senator, generally voting "Present" when voting on bills before the Senate. Clark also said that, "I don't think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president." I think it puts him a few steps closer to being qualified, than NObama! NObama has never served a single day in any function of the military -not active duty, not reserves, not even ROTC in school. How does that total lack of personal experience qualify him to become Commander in Chief of our military forces? If YOU were going into combat, would you want NObama making life or death decisions for YOU ... or your loved ones?

Excuse me for thinking that any President should have some military experience - or at the very least training - as preparation for the single most powerful position in the United States, but that's the mindset that I have. Perhaps it's from my own 20 years, 23 days, 14 hours, and 27 seconds in the military, during which time I was relatively comfortable in the knowledge that my leaders - from the White House to the field commanders - had both knowledge of, and experience in, the military art and science of conducting war.
I am not going to glorify war as a means of human interaction but, suffice it to say, war has been, and will continue to be, with us until the concept of pacification infects the entire world. Until such time, a strong military will be required in order to insure that the word pacifist does not become synonymous with the word VICTIM.

For one military man to belittle the service of another military man - without just cause, and purely for personal political gain - is an egregious act of selfishness. But then, what else can we expect from people with political ambitions? And, anyone that reaches the lofty position of General in the military has done so more by way of political networking than honest effort.

Shame on you Wesley Clark! You weren't captured and imprisoned in the defense of your country because you were so well insulated from the actual battles of Vietnam. If it had been you captured, perhaps your Jane Fonda attitude would be somewhat different.

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