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Sunday, June 29, 2008

HOMOPHOBIA - It's More Than Just a Word, It's a MISNOMER!

The generally accepted definition of 'homophobia' is "an unfounded and irrational fear of homosexuals." I'd like to coin a new, if somewhat clumsy, word to more accurately reflect the feelings most 'straights' have about those who engage in physical love with members of the same sex - homocontemnor is that word, and it means (using the same flexibility demanded by the term 'homophobia'): "having contempt for those who engage in physical love with members of the same sex." Most people have no 'fear' of homosexuals. What most people do have is distaste, disdain, and contempt for that lifestyle.

Whether you agree with me or not makes absolutely no difference (none, nada, zip, zero, zed).That IS the truth of the matter. It seems that the two things which have suffered most from our politically correct society are the language ... and the truth. Did I just commit a 'hate crime'? No - there is no hatred there, just a statement of the facts as I see them.


Krista said...

Call it what you will - if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a's a fag. Jokes aside, homosexuals are human and should be treated with humanity. The only time I dislike them is when they want "special" treatment, to be recognized for something they obviously have no control over. I don't always have control over my bowels - do you see me having a "potty parade?" Bowel rights movements? Seriously, no one cares if "you're" gay, it's not a secret, everyone probably already knows before "you" come out of the closet. Just don't expect and explode of applause (or my bowels). I'm white - everyone clap.

Kevin G! said...

Holy shit, Krista is f**kin' funny! I'm white, everyone clap! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha! KG!