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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Illegal Aliens

Why is there any discussion over what to call those who are in the United States without the appropriate authorization or documentation?

– adjective
1.forbidden by law or statute.
2.contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.

- noun
1.a resident born in or belonging to another country who has
not acquired citizenship by naturalization (distinguished from
2.a foreigner.
3.a person who has been estranged or excluded.
4.a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial.

Those who are in this country without having undergone the required education and/or background investigations are, by definition, and immediately upon setting foot on U.S. soil, illegal aliens. They are in violation of our national sovereignty and our national law! Granted, they are not necessarily hardened criminals, and most have committed no crime other than illegal entry into this country. But, committing one crime makes you a criminal. Calling them anything BUT "illegal aliens" (in our efforts to be PC, and not hurt their feelings or otherwise stigmatize them, or damage their self esteem) makes about as much sense as referring to car thieves as unregistered owners. The crime of embezzlement could then become known as "improper withdrawal of currency or other cash-convertible items", and murderers could be given the title of "unlicensed executioners" - and the list could just continue to grow, knowing that we were doing our part, at each and every step, to keep from traumatizing some scofflaw!

Next, we get into the unofficial benefit packages afforded to those who enter our country under less-than-legal conditions. The ability of foreign nationals to avail themselves of such things as: free medical treatment (thereby increasing the cost for those of us who don't get it for free); unemployment and welfare benefits (increasing the tax liability for those of us who do work); drivers licenses; voting privileges in some states (thereby skewing the results of our elections in favor of those who do not oppose an "open borders" concept), and now our beneficent government wants to include illegal aliens in our already beleaguered Social Security System! Why should those who are not even legally authorized to be in our country be allowed any benefits? Generally speaking, if an act is deemed "illegal" the is a concurrent penalty attached to that act. Where is the punishment? Where is the justice for citizens who do not have those same privileges? There are even some cities that are officially safe havens for illegals, issuing a governmental mandate of "don't ask, don't tell" to local law enforcement officials! I'm sorry, but we need to turn this country around. No, sorry isn't the right word ... incensed is the right word! The culture, traditions and ethics that allowed this country to thrive into the 1960's has been going steadily downhill ever since ... and we, the silent majority, sat idly by and watched it happen. If we continue to be the silent majority, we will eventually become the oppressed minority. Do your country a favor - attend those city council meetings and make your voice heard. Write, phone or email your elected representatives informing them of your desire to return to responsible - and responsive - government. Responsible for representing our citizens, and responsive to the desires of their constituency.

I'm Gil, and I approve this blog!

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