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Saturday, June 21, 2008

NObama Ahead (Liberal Liars Can Figure Too)

A recent Newsweek poll reports that, "Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has opened up a double-digit lead over Republican John McCain two weeks after he clinched the nomination, a new poll published on Friday showed." The left-inclined mainstream media is doing all that it can to deter Republicans and conservatives from either voting at all (by instilling the , "with NObama having such a serious lead why bother to vote for McCain?" thoughts), or by attempting to influence them into jumping ship and joining the left-wing, Kumbaya/America Last crowd.

If conservative-traditionalists and Republicans can't see through this ploy by the mainstream media, and fail to turn out in record numbers for the election, it will prove to be the darkest day in American history. A day many of us may not live to regret!

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