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Friday, January 8, 2010


Now that we have almost 40 "Czars" - unelected political appointees thrown positions as a "thank you for your support" gesture by Obama - (comprised of tax dodgers and perverts of various stripes - but all good, strong leftists) he wishes to add a documented power abuser as the head monkey of the Transportation Security Administration.

Former FBI agent Errol Southers, while in the FBI, was essentially fired by the FBI for improperly accessing an FBI criminal database in 1987 and 1988. The technical term used was "censured", but that's a career-ender in the FBI. Southers is currently the chief of homeland security and intelligence for the Los Angeles International Airport Police Department.

Southers originally wrote in an October affidavit to a Senate committee that he asked a San Diego police employee to run a background check on his estranged wife's boyfriend and was censured by the FBI 20 years ago for it. Southers wrote to senators last week clarifying "inconsistencies" in his recollection of the background checks. After the committee approved his nomination and sent his name to the Senate, Southers wrote back and said that he actually personally ran background checks twice. You don't "forget" something like that... unless you think you're about to get caught in your lie.

Here we have a man who abused power, ignored established security procedures, is a union sympathizer and a proven liar being considered for a top level security position. Actually, he sounds like a perfect fit in the Obama administration's grand scheme of crippling the country.

Unionizing any positions involved in functions even remotely related to national security is absolute insanity! What happens when they decide to have a work stoppage to demand less of this, or more of that? What's next... collective bargaining for the military? How about this idea: collective bargaining for inmates in federal prisons!

Is there nobody in the intelligence community with a clean record, who speaks the truth, and who can see the obvious folly in unionizing national security positions? There probably is... but such an individual would stand in contradiction to the Obama administration's grand scheme of creating the United Socialist States of America, and therefore would never be nominated. Besides, what upright individual would want to be surrounded by Obama's cadré of left-wing loonies?
Southers professional credentials aren't all that bad... but his demonstrated deficiency of character is! Aren't 40 anti-Americans enough in this corrupt administration?


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