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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here's a little logic test for you. The Democrats health care plan is basically unchanged. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md, insists that the goal remains the same: "to pass far-reaching legislation that would (1) expand coverage, (2) reduce costs and (3) improve quality."

Expanding coverage of exactly what? It would be simple enough to expand the number of people covered by 40-50 million - all that it requires is a stroke of Obama's pen on the Democratic legislation. Swell - now we have 40-50 million more people using existing medical facilities and existing medical personnel!

Jumping over #2 - "reducing costs" (I'll come back to that) - let's go to #3... Improve quality. How do we accomplish that with the same number of hospitals and medical personnel, while providing services to an additional workload of 40-50 million patients? WE DON'T!! You cannot improve the quality of anything by simply increasing the workload. And, if we do not increase the facilities and personnel, the quality - and availability - of treatment will necessarily decrease.

Reducing costs is therefore impossible. You must expand existing facilities and/or build new ones, and increase the number of personnel accordingly. Who will provide the materials and labor for construction without cost? George Soros? NO! Will the medical equipment and supplies manufacturers donate their equipment and supplies? NO! Will the roughly 500,000 additional medical personnel work around the clock without pay? NO! The American taxpayer will pay for these "improvements" by way of higher taxes - that's how 30 million additional citizens, and 20 million illegal aliens will be covered under a national health care program.
The Democrats have no sense of reality when it comes to the government competing with private industry in health care insurance and treatment. The majority of Americans do not want a government health program of any kind. It is not in the government's business to compete with private industry - the government's business is strictly that of legislation and regulation. "Voodoo economics" fixes nothing, yet it is being used to peddle this outrageously expensive health care system just as it was used to "create jobs". Every single job created by the "Stimulus Package" cost the taxpayers more than $461,000.

It is past time to tell the government "Enough!". It's time to tell the government "NO MORE!" A little socialism is way too much!

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