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Monday, January 11, 2010

"In Hasan case, superiors ignored their own worries"

Thus reads today's AP online headline, referring to the infamous Fort Hood shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, United States Army. The article goes on to say - "The picture emerging from the review ordered by Defense Secretary Robert Gates is one of supervisors who failed to heed their own warnings about an officer ill-suited to be an Army psychiatrist, according to information gathered during the internal Pentagon investigation and obtained by The Associated Press. The review has not been publicly released."

The rest of this news item goes on to tell how poorly Hasan did in medical school, how weak a performer he was as a practicing Army psychiatrist, and how he was promoted on schedule regardless, carefully avoiding asking the question of "WHY?"

Why was he allowed to spend 6 years completing medical training that normally takes 4 years to complete?

Why, if he was a less-than-satisfactory practicing psychiatrist, did his officer efficiency reports fail to reflect that?

Why was he promoted on schedule throughout his 12 year stint in the Army?

Why did his superiors fail to report their suspicions about his radical and inappropriately expressed Islamic religious views?

The obvious answer to each and every question is the exact same answer...

He was allowed to spend 6 years completing his medical training because he is a member of an ethnic minority group in the US, and to treat him as others would be treated could possibly indicate a personal prejudice by a staff member at the school, or a systemic prejudice within the school itself. Political Correctness dictates that we must not criticize the actions or failures of any minority group member.

Because of his status as a member of the privileged "minority" class, none of Hasan's superiors would dare present an honest evaluation of Hasan's substandard performance without jeopardizing his own career aspirations. To write a performance evaluation that failed to praise a follower of Islam would be politically incorrect, and could quite possibly get that superior officer branded as a "racist" or an "Islamophobe".

He was promoted on-schedule for exactly the reasons explained above. Failure to recommend him at the earliest promotion points could be seen as "institutional racism" within our Army, or - again - personal prejudice on the part of evaluating/reviewing superior officers within his chain-of-command. We must, at all costs, be Politically Correct!

To indicate that one has suspicions about the demonstrated behaviors of a member of a minority group, is (within our military organizations) essentially saying, "I'm against Muslims progressing in our military." This is the accepted government mindset! It has nothing to do with his bogus "evaluation reports". The evaluators really had no choice, other than to end their own military career progression by giving Hasan an honest evaluation.

Hasan got a "pass" at every turn because of our social obsession with Political Correctness, and it is exactly that which allowed him to massacre 19 people at Fort Hood, Texas on November 5th, 2009. The radical religious fervor as demonstrated by his behavior, was a definite indicator that something was not quite as it should be within Hasan's mind. This fact does not make Hasan a victim. His actions were a conscious decision - as evidenced by his giving away his belongings in the hours immediately preceding his vicious, intentional execution of 19 unarmed persons. He did not expect to survive the incident, he was on jihad for the glory of allah (intentional lower-case "a"), and would have no further need for earthly belongings.

There are valid reasons for taking actions that are politically incorrect. There are valid reasons for "profiling" - if you are shopping for a baseball how much time would you waste looking in the
frozen foods section? So what if it makes somebody uncomfortable? It is both logical and efficient!

America's obsession with Political Correctness will bring about America's downfall!

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